How to Build a House in Minecraft

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If you decide to create a house in Minecraft, then you need some patience and instruction. The latest you can find on the site and a lot of other useful information for the game.

In order to build a house in Minecraft, you need to have a tool of labor to begin with. Collect 4 boards that can be made from wood. Next, place them in the inventory, and create a workbench.

Create a wooden pickaxe so you can begin to collect the stone. The wooden pickaxe is created by putting three boards vertically in the highest row, and two boards horizontally in the middle post. On the bench, it looks like this:

Collect enough stone (about 12 blocks) to make a stone pickaxe. These stones can be collected using a wooden pickaxe.

To make a stone pickaxe, combine two sticks and three blocks of stone, in the same way as you did with a wooden pick, using stones instead of planks. It looks like this:

In order to build a stone ax, scrape two sticks and three stone blocks. Scrape two sticks and one stone block along a vertical line to create a shovel. After we created the tool of labor, we need to collect the raw materials.

Your home is your refuge, but it can be a subject to attacks and attract other disasters if you are not careful. Having a made plan in advance will help to make your house aesthetic and safe for living.

Materials for Building a House

The starting materials for building a house are:

  1. The tree. It’s easy to assemble, but it’s a flammable material, and it can be destroyed by creepers since its protection against explosions is only 15.
  2. The ground. It does not burn, but it is susceptible to explosions of criminals (its protection to explosions is 2.5) and wanderers of the edge, which can leave holes in the walls. Avoid using it, if possible.
  3. Bricks. This material looks beautiful and can withstand the explosion of criminals (protection against explosions is 30), but they are difficult to find.
  4. Cobblestone. They can be obtained and this is the ideal material if you are just starting out. Their protection against explosions is 30, which means that an explosion will only create a small hole in the wall.
  5. If you are in the desert, sandstone can be a good material. Squeeze sand into the sandstone, and use it to build your house. Keep in mind that the protection of sandstone from explosions is 4, instead of 30, which gives the cobblestone.

Never use sand or gravel, because gravity affects them, and at the same time that you will not have a roof, only one creeper is enough to say goodbye to your hard work forever.

How to get the materials you need?

Collect the tree by cutting the trees with an ax. Depending on the size of your house, you need from 50 to 100 wooden blocks for a normal or small house.

Collect bricks, burning clay and coal together. For a beginner, crafting this material can be a little advanced, but still possible. To burn it, you will need a stove, which can be found in the villages of the NPC, or which can be crafted using 8 cobblestones (leaving the central square of the workbench empty).

To get a brick block, you need to craft together 4 bricks in a square.

To build a brick house, you need about 100 brick blocks or more than 400 bricks.

You can collect cobblestones in many ways. Cobblestone is the ideal material for an average player who wants to build a house. Cobblestone can be obtained in two different ways:

  1. Extract it. It appears naturally in the dungeons, NPC villages and fortresses.
  2. Create it. Try to build an eternal cobblestone generator, or create it, simply by having a point of joining the lava and water.

Now let’s consider in more detail how to build a house.

Build the walls. The ideal size for a house is 7 by 7 blocks since you can put the door in the middle. The recommended height of the house is 4 blocks.

Build a ceiling above your head, using the material of your choice, closing the space above you. Thus, hostile (or neutral) mobs (creepers, zombies, skeletons, spiders, skeletons-riders, wanderers of the province, slugs, etc.) will not be able to enter the house.

Add windows (and light) by burning a little sand. Four windows 2 to 2, inserted in different parts of the house, will be very handy.

Create several torches. You can make a torch using a stick and charcoal over a stick. If you do not have coal, heat some wood. The tree turns into charcoal. In the light, spawn of mobs will not occur, therefore, the light sources (torches for the beginning, or the lamp of the jack, or light-stone), this is the key to avoid mobs.

Create the door. The door can be created by placing the boards in position 3 to 2. When you create the door, make a right click on the floor near the entrance to the house.

You can also equip your house with various amenities: 2 on the 2 door of the piston; a light that turns on only at night; TV; bed. There is also a possibility to build a fireplace made of bricks with a pipe.

If you want to remember your childhood and build another house on the tree, then this is not a problem at all.

Collect a lot of wood, and make a shallow pipe 3 to 3 of it. Make it about 10 blocks high. Inside the pipe put the ladder to the very top, then build the platform at the top. Form in your house. Put the windows and doors to be safe, and enjoy the view of the mountains, the forest or the ocean from the blocks.

Tips for building housing

Hang the torches outside so that it’s easier for you to find a house at night and prevent the spawn of mobs next to the house.

If you live in the mountains, you can dig there, since you are already in the stone. Always take a few more picks with you when you go for minerals, so you can work longer. If it’s night outside, do not leave the house without armor, weapons and food, since you can be attacked by mobs. If the sun sets and you have not even started to make a house, it is best to dig a shelter in the mountain, otherwise, you may die.

Make enough place to accommodate everything.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by mobs during construction, you should play in creative mode. Never light a fire if you are making a wooden house, as it will burn out.

Do not put the bed directly in front of the door. If possible, place a bed near the walls of the house. Do not build your house near or inside the cave. If a creeper comes and blows up your house, then all your work will ruin. If you build a house in a cave, make sure that the cave is high enough so that mobs can not enter it, and build a house near the wall of the cave. If possible, build a house near the water. Try to place the house on a flat surface.

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