Crypto Wars a Game Based in Crypto Currencies for Android and iOS

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Crypto Wars is offline action platformer game developed by BAP IT Co.,Ltd. It is about Bitcoin’s journey when he starts to find his father, Satoshi Nakamoto, who Bitcoin knows only a name but nothing else. It is one of the first action platformer game that is base in virtual currencies, the appearance of virtual currencies in shapes of the real characters, unique art style and smooth gameplay and upgradable fighting combo skills, weapons and abilities.

Players control BTC to defeat crypto enemies and bosses in each stage of journey. When being attacked, BTC body parts disappear one by one, from hands, legs to head. One part loses, one new combo attack comes; Player’s skills can be upgraded by change coins or buy via credit card; Players collect weapons and skills while playing. They can be upgraded to increase the damage to enemies and bosses. Secret Areas are the trap of Crypto Lord, might have balls and might not. It depends on how lucky players are. Since it does not have, players collect coins and weapons after defeating all enemies and bosses there.

Main Story

Bitcoin is the richest man in Crypto Area, his physical life does not lack anything but happiness. He knows nothing about his father except a name, Satoshi Nakamoto. One day, a foreteller told him the way to find his father. Bitcoin has to safely pass bosses, the strongest warriors of Crypto Lord and explore the Secret Area to collect enough 7 balls, bring them to the Restricted Area to open his father’s picture. The dangerous journey starts!

Players has to explore the Secret Area and collect enough 7 balls then bring them to this Restricted Area to open the picture of Bitcoin’s father, Satoshi Nakamoto.

You’ll played as BTC in two different form; BTC (Male) is the standard character of Crypto Wars, body part can separates to attack enemies. When losing blood, they disappear one by one, hands, legs and head. One body part loses, BTC has one new combo attack for new body status. BTC can be upgraded to a higher level with more amazing skills and attack combos too. The BTC (Female) can be upgraded to a higher level with more amazing skills and attack combos too.


There are total of seven main bosses that has the appearance of virtual currencies, strong and lively. Players have to defeat them to pass the stage and continue into the next level.


Ethereum (ETH) is an infamous warrior who has excellent skills and the deathly attacks. ETH is armed with guns and laser to take turn to shoot and make a super high damage to player. When
ETH is angry, she transforms into a pointed metal block and moves fast that player cannot attack, just dodge to not lose blood.


With the power of water, Ripple is resistant, flexible and unpredicted transformable. He is armed with guns on shoulders and eye can turn into laser gun. Ripple’s hand can stretch forward
and punch hard to player. With the flexible of water, Ripple can transform into drops of water and attack player continuously.


Being a deathly magnet of Crypto, Stellar is able to attract computer waste in the electronic graveyard and make it become the dangerous weapons that kill player just in seconds. Stellar has diversified and high damage attacks by hands, missile and guns. Deathly magnet works when Stellar attracts computers to make a whirl to destroy player


Doge is an invincible warrior of Crypto that is armed with dangerous and modern weapons. By the name invincible warrior, Doge has gun on the back that can shoot rocket, guns on hip or tail shoot continuously. Moreover, Doge has a laser gun at the forehead. At close arrange, Doge uses leg to kick, jump or bite player. Doge’s mouth can fire or become a gun too.


Players can collect weapon during the battles. Includes; Disc, a weapon that will spin to attack enemies, Pickaxe, throw to enemies to kill them, Card gun, kill enemies in a determine distance with few bullets. USB Rocket, kill a group of enemies in a small scale. Matric Bomb, create a swirl to suck all enemies around it.

Crypto Wars will be available on June in Android via Google Play and iOS via App Store.

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  • nhạn trương June 18, 2018 2:33 am

    I have downloaded it. Great! But I finished all 4 first stages and still waiting for next update version to explore new stage with new bosses. They say it is coming soon. When will Crypto Wars update?


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