10 Best Games You Can Play on Facebook Gameroom

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It’s been two years since we posted our list of best games on Facebook Gameroom, there are already numerous of great games are currently publish on the platform and most of these games listed are free-to-play, which playing this game has no charge at all and there are no pressure on purchasing the in-game micro-transaction.

To help you decide which game you should check out, below are the list of our handpicked 10 Best Games.

Last Knife

A casual puzzle game where you’ll throw a knife into the logs to destroy it. There are also apples and fruits that you can chop which helps you earn new knives. Each Level has a boss in stage 5, where destroying the logs become more difficult because of the additional obstacles. The game restart when hitting the knives, so taking shot should be precise.

You certainly getting hook when playing this game as the game progress it becomes more difficult and getting a high score is rewarding.

Snake Mania

If you love playing snake games, this game should be for you. It is similar to the game snakes.io, but this times it is more animated and has less lags. There are 2 types of games that you can choose, Time-Limited Mode and Infinite Mode.

After entering the game, you have to start to eat to increase the size of your snake. Beating other snake will turn them into fertilizer in which you can eat, you also need to be careful hitting other snake, as you’ll turn to fertilizer as well.

What we don’t like with this game is the enemies  seems to be a bot, because you always encounter the same players every time you start a new game. But still, the game is very great and addicting. Our highest score in the game is 100k in Infinite Mode, can you beat that?


A game concept similar to Snake Mania, but you’ll be in a massive deathmatch arena against other online players. You’ll eat and fight to earn a level. The bigger your character the more score you’ll get. This time, to kill a character you’ll have to strike it with your weapons.

8 Pool by MiniClip

Playing this game requires a friends to play. This game can also be played through messenger, where your mobile friend can enjoy the game as well. You can challenge your friend by initiating a match and you’ll have to wait for your friends to make his turn. The game is super fun and takes a lot of time on completing each round.

There’s also no micro-transaction in the game.

Fishing Star!

A new way of fishing, this is how we describe this game. This is not the same fishing game that you’ve played before. This time, it’s like an arcade game, the game requires more tapping to catch your fish. You’ll throw your bait, bait the fish and tap hard to catch it.

Though, there are lots of micro-transaction, you can still play the game unlimited.

Battle of Warplanes

A combat plane action multiplayer-game. You’ll be dominating the sky and fight against other players. You can control your planes with your keyboards, get bonus points to stay alive and kill other opponents to earn more score.

Mini Guns – Omega Wars

A turn base real-time multiplayer strategy game, featuring a mini version of military toy soldier. The arts and 3D graphic are excellent on this game, what you’ll do on the game is fight with other player and destroy their bases. The more enemy base you destroy the more level you’ll get.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

One of the best first person shooter game, if you love mecha game this game is for you. The game is part of the well known Warhammer games. It has 170 single player missions that you can play and progress, there are tons of different bosses that you can fight in this game. What’s great with this is the level and stage is not repetitive, even enemies.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

A third person shooter game. You’ll be in WW2 era specifically in D-Day, where you’ll have to take back France from the enemies. The game has lots of mission, a total of 145 missions. The movement of players are limited to Left and Right, and forward. But focuses on shooting the enemies, plus you can cover for the enemy fire. The game is similar to Time Crisis arcade game, but less story and more on stage level.


This is probably the most popular game, the everwing. It’s best to play in mobile device but ofcourse. You’ll be playing with powerful fairies and fight with the hordes of monster. The game is endless and the objective of this game is to get high score and unlock all of the characters and dragons.

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