How to Get Reward in Admin Console in uPlay (April Fools)

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Ubisoft sneak an April Fools snippet in your uPlay client. Today, you should probably notice a glitch admin_console thing on the upper right corner of your uPlay client. Once you click that thing,  there will be a command prompt style popping out from your uplay client and show’s the “Secret admin console of uplay”. Same as the cmd, you can type help to show all available commands.

Commands of Admin_Console

  • help – Get the list of Commands
  • list-games – List all playable Games
  • play <game_name> – Start a game
  • increase-level – Increase player level
  • clear/cls – Clear screen
  • exit – Exit admin console
  • ban-player <account-id> – Ban a Player
  • add-game <game-id> – Add a Game
  • remove-game <game-id> – Remove a Game
  • make-it-rain <amount> – Add credits to Account
  • list-unreleased-games – List all unreleased games
  • shutdown-servers – Shut down the multiplayer servers

We will not spoil you with all the details of the commands so you can discover them for yourself, let’s just help you the way on how to get your rewards for ubisoft’s April Fools.

How to Get Reward in Admin_Console in uPlay

  1. Type list-unreleased-games and there will be corrupted data shows in the screen.
  2. Type again list-unreleased-games start-map
  3. You can answer the puzzle and try to decode the question. But if you have hard time.. Answers at

That’s it. Show us your reward in the comment section.

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