How to Get Ashley in House Party (Original Story)

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Ashley is one of the good looking girl in House Party and you probably looking for ways how to get her without spending a lot of time in the game looking for answers and clues. This is a guide and walk-through how you’ll get Ashley from scratch.

Here are the following items that you need for Ashley’s Progress.

  • Madison’s Phone (Location: at the Bathroom of Master’s Bedroom)
  • Pencil (Location: table in the Spare Room, 2nd floor)
  • Paper (Location: in the table inside Brittney’s room, 2nd floor)
  • Gastronomy Book, use with Paper and Pencil (Location: Table inside Master’s Bedroom)
  • Madison’s Diary, requires code in the Gastronomy Book (Location: Vault in Locker room inside the Master’s Bedroom)
  • Towel (Location: at the Comfort Room near the Kitchen)
  • Soda (Location: Fridge near the Kitchen)

Initiating Conversation with Madison

First, you have to initiate conversation with Ashley’s Sister, Madison. Talk to her and asked her that you’d like to know her a little better. She’ll be happy with your question and you move your friend progress into Acquaintances.

Now, asked her where to find the bathroom to initiate the question Return Madison’s Phone.

How to Find Madison’s Phone

You can find Madison’s phone on the second floor of the house, right corner when you take the stairs. Inside Madison’s Master Bedroom. Go to the bathroom, the first door on the left. And the phone is just on the side of the sink.

Get the phone and give it back to Madison. This will add additional progress to your Acquintance progress with Madison.

Helping Madison to Prank her Sister Ashley

To move your progress with Madison to being a Friends, asked her this option “So is there a reward for returning your phone? I feel like maybe a kiss or something is in order.”. She then asked you to help her make prank for her sister Ashley. Now, answer “Hells to the yeah Mads! I’m your Guy! How do we get Started?” and after that answer the further question of Madison.

Getting Friends with Ashley

Find Ashley in the house or outside, and talk to her. Then tell him “You’re Madison’s Sister? I never would have guessed. You’re way hotter than she is!” and she’ll be thankful for that. Asked her again about Madison with the option “What’s the deal with you and Madison Anyway?”. Then she’ll tell you about her problem with her sister about humiliating him in front of her friends.

To move your progress with Ashley to Friends, tell her with the option “Are you OK? You seem a little distracted”. This time, she told you that Madison spilled beer all over her and she need help on drying her clothes. To initiate the quest Ashley’s Wet, answer the option “What can I do to help you out with the unfortunate beer ‘Accident’?”.

After that, just select the option “See you later, Ashley!” to get started with your new quest.

How to Dry Off Ashley’s Clothes

You have to go to the bathroom in the first floor of the house, near the kitchen. And find the Towel in the sink. You need to get it and give it to Ashley. This will complete the quest “Ashley’s Wet”. Ashley will be happy your progress becomes Good Friends, but she’s still have problem with the smelly beer in her clothes.

So you have to asked her and answer the option “I could wash them for you!”. But, this time you have to earn the trust of Ashley by doing the next quest Invasion of Privacy in which you have to get the Diary of her sister Madison.

How to Find and Get Madison’s Diary and Vault Pass code

Madison Diary is in the vault located on the Masters Bedroom on her locker room. But It is locked with a Pass code. In order to unlocked the vault you have to find the pass code. The pass code can be found on the written pen mark on the top of the book of Madison, inside her Master Bedroom, but since it’s only a mark – it will be hard to read it. You have to find Two things to view the written pen mark.

It should be the Paper and a Pencil. The paper can be found on Brittney room, on the second floor to the left most corner. It’s in the table besides the Macbook laptop. The pencil is also in the second floor, it be found in a Spare room with a loft bed inside. The pencil is just in the Table.

Now, you have to go back to Madison’s Master Bedroom and find the Gastronomy Book in the table. Press on it to use it with paper, then press again on it and use it with pencil. This will give you the Vault Pass code “36-24-36“.

You should now able to pen the Vault inside the locker room of the Master’s Bedroom. Before that, you need to make sure that Madison is not inside her Master’s Bedroom, make a way that she’s outside or on the other room, or else it will fail your quest. Once everything is clear, get the Madison’s Diary in the vault and give it back to Ashley.

Washing Ashley’s Clothes

After giving the Diary to Ashley. You can now asked her to wash and clean her clothes. You can now follow Ashley on the spare room and she’ll give you the clothes. You can now Wash it on the Washing area. First, select the Washing Machine and use it with Ashley’s Clothes. You have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes in order to finish the washing. With this timeframe, you can go back and talk to Ashley, and ask her this option “Hey are you OK in here? Do you need anything?”, she then asked you to get a Soda in the fridge. The fridge is just near the kitchen in the ground floor. Get the Soda and give it to Ashley. When the washing is complete, you can now get it and put it to dryer, and you’ll again wait for 2 to 3 minutes.

When the Clothes are clean and dry. Go back to Ashley and asked for your reward.

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