I Got Scammed with SpinPUBG.com / PUBGTen.com from a Random Chat on Steam

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This is a review for a site PUBGTen.com or formerly named SpinPUBG.com. Just today, I accepted all of the pending friend requests on my steam account and surprisingly I accepted a fraud person.  His Steam name is FarmaDjo, and he introduced himself as a Public Manager and want to advertise their SPINPUBG.com site to my steam profile. I was thinking how did this guy added me and found my account. I ask him a link to their website so that I can take a look. He gave the site spinpubg.com. At first, I do a background check to see if it’s not a fraud site and unfortunately, no results have found on google, even a bad reviews.

** UPDATE 03/24/2018 ** – The site SpinPUBG.com is no longer to be found, they renamed their site to PUBGTen.com.

He then offered me that he makes me a winner for their site once a week worth $200 of PUBG items, as exchange for putting a link of their site to my profile. He then wants me to show how it works. He asked me to visit the site, and he wanted me to pick a winner from the list of bettors. So, I choose a random guy from the list and sent him the name. After the round, he makes the guy I pick as a winner. So this is his way to prove you that he can manipulate the winner of the betting.

Out of curiosity, I gave the site a try and actually baited with his scam. The minimum bet is $10 and “Their bot” only accepts items below $10. I sent a couple of times to check if it’s above $10 and their bot deny the offer (Making themselves believable). From that point of view, I thought it is legit since they didn’t get my items that are below $10. So, I added $10 worth of items to their site.

I said to him that I already added worth of $10 and that time the bot accepted the offer and I was now on the betting list. That round is worth $300 of PUBG items, and honestly, I was thrilled and surprised. To cut it short, he makes me the winner of that round. I asked him how can I get my item?

He told me that we have a problem and I need to win twice in order to get my item. Then, he replied but do not worry I will make you a winner again now. So, I have to bet another $10 worth of PUBG item to get it. This time, I was thinking this is a scam – but knowing Steam support doing an excellent job of helping people who got scammed. So I tried another bet. I sent him the offer. This time, his alibi is that my winning chance is less than 5% and I have to put more item on it.

He actually pause the betting for me to sent another $10 worth of items. This guy will not stop until you have empty item on your account. So I refused, this leaves me with two choices: One, I have to bet to get the item and not clear if he still insists on adding more items for me to win. Or, the other way abandon the bet and entirely lost my initial bet. In the end, I lost the round, and I asked him to return all of my item or just the things that I won. This time, he sent me a bunch of terms and condition and FAQs rules saying you need to win twice in order to get the item. That is his trick of not allowing you to get your item and fall for his scam.

He then insisted me to bet again, and he makes me a winner even I have a low winning chance. This time, I prepared my video recorder to record the conversation and to get a proof of his scam. So I bet my last $10 worth of item in PUBG. Guess what? His alibi is I didn’t notify him for the last seconds, and he is unable to make me a winner. I asked him to return all the items, or I report him, but he refuse and telling me he doesn’t have access to the bot and he is not the owner of the site.

Since I only have less than $10 worth of item left on my account. He told me to refresh the site and it becomes inaccessible with a pop word saying “GamingPH.Erwin. Congratulations you’ve won! Our site has a rule that newcomers must win twice to get their winnings. You can read the rules in F.A.Q. Thank you and good luck.”

Basically, this website is not a gamble/roulette site. It is made to scam people like me and probably you as you read this blog. I’ve also check google for similar copy of the site and found out there are lots of them. So you should also watch out of the following site with the same scheme:

  • pubg-luck.com
  • pubgwant.com
  • pubg5xbet.com
  • pubgblitz.com
  • truepubg.com
  • cspuff.com
  • csgo.one
  • csgoexpose.com
  • csgobattle.net
  • csgo–2xluck.com
  • csgobetroll.com
  • csgotunes.com
  • csgofeo.com
  • csgogamb.com
  • csgopassion.com
  • csgo4wrap.com
  • csgobetnow.com
  • csgomoney.net
  • csgodive.com
  • csgo-scrooge.com
  • csgo-blackpot.com
  • csgoatlas.com
  • killcsgo.com
  • pgcsgo.com
  • eracsgo.com
  • dota2hex.com
  • dota-spin.com
  • dota2vis.com
  • dota2hex.com
  • dota2maxbet.com
  • bet2skins.com
  • skinswood.com
  • skinsdestiny.com
  • skinscrop.com
  • itemsking.com
  • hellcsgo.com
  • huntskin.com
  • skinsjess.com
  • shuffle.gg
  • d2xbetx.com
  • skinsice.com
  • d2combo.com
  • xbetskins.com
  • farmskins.com
  • agienko.ru

Hope this review will make you not fall from this kind of scam. I’ve already written a report to steam and hoping to get my item back. You can check our complete conversation with the scammer below.

Never tell your password to anyone.

FarmaDjo: Hey dude. I want to talk with you

GamingPH.Erwin: yes bro

FarmaDjo: I’m a public manager, and I need to advertise the site, can u help me with it?

GamingPH.Erwin: hi. can you share us the link for the site?

FarmaDjo: it is site spinpubg.com/ u just need to add the name of the site to your steam profile, and i will pay for this of course.

FarmaDjo: I will be make you a winner on site once a week as a paying. it about 200$ items pubg. it will be ok for you?

FarmaDjo: can i show you how it work?

GamingPH.Erwin: sure

FarmaDjo: Ok, go to the site and tell me whom you want to be a winner of the current round. I will prove my words by choosing him.

GamingPH.Erwin: factory csgo

FarmaDjo: okay he will be winner

FarmaDjo: gg 🙂

FarmaDjo: again need?

GamingPH.Erwin: hahaha

FarmaDjo: ?

GamingPH.Erwin: so.. I can get the item If you choose me as a winner?

FarmaDjo: yes ofc

GamingPH.Erwin: let me try

FarmaDjo: okay you can make bet and i will be make you a winner, and after win you will be add name site in your profile

GamingPH.Erwin: sure

GamingPH.Erwin: i deposited the items

FarmaDjo: okay i’m ready

GamingPH.Erwin: its not yet on the spin pubg account

FarmaDjo: bro i see your bet but it 0.08$ on site minimum bet 10$ all what less bot will be declined

GamingPH.Erwin: i see.. holdon

FarmaDjo: k np

GamingPH.Erwin: done

FarmaDjo: it 5.87$

FarmaDjo: bot again declined

GamingPH.Erwin: wait

GamingPH.Erwin: done

FarmaDjo: okay bro you in bet

FarmaDjo: okay i make you a winner

FarmaDjo: good pot 🙂

FarmaDjo: GamingPH.Erwin has won the current pot containing 31 items worth $ 289.52!

FarmaDjo: gg 🙂

GamingPH.Erwin: nice

FarmaDjo: okay in 1-2 minutes bot will be send you offer with winning

GamingPH.Erwin: So i just put your site link in my profile

FarmaDjo: yes bro

GamingPH.Erwin: check my profile bro…

FarmaDjo: yes i see bro

FarmaDjo: it good

FarmaDjo: oh buddy we have one problem just newbies have to win twice to get winnings

FarmaDjo: but do not worry I will make you a winner again now

GamingPH.Erwin: how can i bet

FarmaDjo: and after twice win you will be get your two winnings

FarmaDjo: just again click deposit items and send offer on bot

FarmaDjo: and bro now need 10%+ chance on win, so other players not started to suspect you

FarmaDjo: warn me when you will be ready bro

FarmaDjo: okay good bro

FarmaDjo: oh bro

FarmaDjo: it fucking 5%

FarmaDjo: need add more

FarmaDjo: add faster

FarmaDjo: i’m hold timer

FarmaDjo: add faster cause i can’t hold it much time

GamingPH.Erwin: i dont have

GamingPH.Erwin: anymore item..

GamingPH.Erwin: make it win..

FarmaDjo: Twitch Prime Balaclava + Long Sleeved Leather Shirt

FarmaDjo: faster bro i really can’t make you a winner with low percent again

GamingPH.Erwin: that’s a try bro.. if you’re legit

FarmaDjo: i can’t cause owner will be fire me

FarmaDjo: sry bro can’t hold it much time i will be make you a winner in next round

GamingPH.Erwin: I’ll report you on steam right away

GamingPH.Erwin: and make a bad review of your site..

FarmaDjo: for what?

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: and bro now need 10%+ chance on win, so other players not started to suspect you

FarmaDjo: i was tell you it already

GamingPH.Erwin: enough bro..

GamingPH.Erwin: this will be in public..

FarmaDjo: for what bro?

GamingPH.Erwin: just return my item..

FarmaDjo: i can’t i’m not a owner

GamingPH.Erwin: explain that to steam..

FarmaDjo: i’m just public manager and i have acces to admin panel

GamingPH.Erwin: i will be making a review on your site

GamingPH.Erwin: It’s actually recorded

GamingPH.Erwin: how you manupulate the winning

GamingPH.Erwin: it will make your site in bad PR

GamingPH.Erwin: so return it or else will report you

FarmaDjo: lol

GamingPH.Erwin: return it now

FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

GamingPH.Erwin: I am making a report now

FarmaDjo: okay it your choosed

GamingPH.Erwin: return my item

GamingPH.Erwin: I win on the first bet

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

FarmaDjo:FarmaDjo: i don’t have acces to bot

FarmaDjo: read F.A.Q

FarmaDjo: if you don’t trust me

GamingPH.Erwin: i’ll give you last chance

FarmaDjo: thank you but how?

GamingPH.Erwin: I

GamingPH.Erwin: l’ll deposit my last item

FarmaDjo: comeon warn me when you will be ready

GamingPH.Erwin: done

FarmaDjo: lol

FarmaDjo: in last second?

GamingPH.Erwin: got you!

FarmaDjo: lol

FarmaDjo: i don’t have time choose you

GamingPH.Erwin: no more bushit

GamingPH.Erwin: return my item..

FarmaDjo: k just reload page

GamingPH.Erwin: reported you bro..

GamingPH.Erwin: atleast.. no one will again fall in your Scam!

GamingPH.Erwin: also recorded this conversation

GamingPH.Erwin: I’ll be making formal complaints

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  • Victor March 11, 2018 11:23 pm

    Thanks man, i appreciate it. Someone with Steam name “Blood” tried to scam me the exact way they have done to you.

    • Erwin Bantilan March 12, 2018 4:23 pm

      Hi Victor, do you have a link of his profile? So we can add a scammer list on the article..

  • White Bear March 23, 2018 2:57 pm

    pubgten.com is the new version of the one you had.


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