Is There an Alternate Ending in A Way Out Game?

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You probably sad when you finish the A Way Out game by Josef Fares, because one of the lovable character just died during the last face match with both friends. You’re little bit curious if there is an alternate ending of the game and you really want to find it out. The answer is YES! there is alternate ending with the game. And if you want to watch the alternate ending just select the last chapter and don’t tap the E button when both Leo and Vincent are getting the weapon. Both of the ending are very sad and if you want to read more the details of the alternate ending, please be aware that this include extreme spoiler of the game.

Vincent’s Died Alternate Ending

When Leo finish off Vincent in the last chapter of the game, Vincent gave the letter he wrote when they’re both in the plane and holding both of there hands when died. After that, a burial ceremony happen where Vincent’s friend from the police academy and his lovely wife and baby was in there. A months later, Leo did visit the house of the wife of Vincent and gave the letter Vincent gave. Leo move away from the city together with his wife.

Leo’s Died Alternate Ending

The alternate ending of Leo’s Death, Vincent and Leo did the same shaking both of there hand before Leo’s out of breath. Vincent then visited her wife to inform her that he send a resignation letter from the academy to get a second chance from her wife and to be a good father of there child. Vincent then visited the wife of Leo where he informed what did happened.

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