How to Use Emote in PUBG

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds finally have an emotes features where your character can do funny emotions when playing the game. A fun tool to use for your squads or just provoking your enemies.

The latest update in PUBG already include the emote features. If you already downloaded the latest PUBG update, you can now actually try this feature and make fun of it.

How to Use Emote in PUBG

Press the key ~ (tilde), to open the emotes menu and use your mouse to select the emotes that you want to choose. You may also press the corresponding keys to choose the emotes that you want.

Currently, there are 12 emotes that are available in PUBG; Hello, Thanks, Affirmative, Clap, Laught, Surrender, Rage, You’re Done, Negative, Provoke, Come Here and Go.

Have you tried this emote featured in PUBG? Share us your clips and leave a comment down below!

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