How to Invite Your Friend for Coop in Far Cry 5

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Whether your friends or you have the Steam and uPlay version of the game. You both can still play the coop mission in Far Cry 5. The catch is you need both to have a uplay account in order to exchange invite in the game. The coop campaign will only be available once you and your friend progress to it’s first side or main mission of the game. After that you can invite your friend to play with you.

The Player who got invited from other player’s game will not load it’s current progress. Meaning if Player A is invited by Player B, all of the progress of Player A will not be loaded in Player B. Player A will play the current progress of Player B. But all weapons, stats, perks of will be loaded. Player A will not also able to pick a choice during campaign. Only Player B can choose and command it’s squads.

For step below, make sure you both already have uPlay account, in friend list and already completed it’s first side or main mission. You also need to be in the game in order to invite someone.

How to Invite Coop with Your Friend in Far Cry 5

1. Just press Shift + F2, then go to Friends, select the friend that you want to invite and click invite your friend to the Game.

Advantage of having a coop friend is you have an instant back up whenever you are knocked down by the enemies. It is good for partner or friends that want to enjoy this brand new game.

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