How to Get the Key for Bunker inside the Boathouse in Far Cry 5

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In the first island of Far Cry 5, you’ll encounter a mission where you’re going to retrieve a stash of cash after reading a note from a person named Garrett.

The Prepper’s note says: “Hey Mike, I tried to get into the underground slash, but a pipe burst and flooded everything. I have no idea what’s still salvageable. We need juice to run the pump to drain the water. I know the power switch is in the boathouse. but it’s locked and you didn’t leave me the key. so I’ll leave that to you. – Garrett“. that gives you a clue Find a way into the boathouse,

This mission is called Sunken Funds, Prepper Stash. The key for the bunker is inside the Boathouse which is located just below the bunker. But the door to the boathouse is locked and requires a key to open it.

To enter the boathouse, you have to swim under it and you should found an entrance going inside and the key is just hanging near the door. After that, Activate the power which is just located on the right corner inside of the boathouse.

Now that you have the key, you may now proceed to the bunker and open it. Before that, you have to flush the water that is flooding the bunker. The valve is just located on the left corner of the bunker.

When water is flush, you can now enter the bunker without problem and get the stash of cash. You may also watch our walk through below.

If you still have problem completing this mission, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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