How to Get Swingers Prepper Stash under the Bridge in Far Cry 5

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Swinger Prepper Stash is one of the challenging side mission that you can acquire in playing Far Cry 5. This Prepper Stash can be activated by talking to a guy near the Gardenview Orchards or by reading the Prepper’s note in the Bridge of Tears. The required perk skills to finish this mission is you need to have a Grappler perks, because of the strategic location of the stash. If you haven’t frequently use the grappling tool in the game this is the time you can practice it very well, you will swing, jump and hook.

The clue for this Prepper’s Note is “Me and my buddies raided some Peggie supplies. We hid the gear in the bridge supports. You’ll need a good GRAPPLING HOOK to get to it.

To start, you have to read the Prepper’s Note first and after that, follow the yellow mark. There are three peggie guarding the bridge, so you have to take it down. To move to the yellow mark, use the Zipline on the right corner.

You should be now in the scaffolding, you should see a Grapple Spots on the upper right side of the bridge. You need to press E to hook to the spot, after that you have to swing back and forth to hook to the next Grapple Spots.

The next is you have to press C to jump to the scaffolding. Lastly, you need to hook again to the Grapple Spots and jump to another scaffolding to reach the location of the Prepper’s stash.

In the scaffolding of the Prepper’s Stash, you have to destroy the wooden floor in order to enter the stash.

Completing this Prepper’s Stash will reward you the Dear Season Clothing, cash and some loots from the stash.

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