How to Get Long Range Lockpick Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5

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After talking to a woman in the woods, she told you that one of the resistance barricaded theme selves inside the Deep North Irrigation Reservoir, the cult are shooting them across the water. This will give you the information for the Prepper Stash Long Range Lockpick. Alternatively, you can unlock this Prepper’s Note when you read it near the Irrigation Reservoir, where there is a bridge crossing to the tower in the middle of the water. The door is locked from the inside.

Prepper’s Note Clue

The cult’s tampering with the water. I locked myself in to stop them. There’s no way to open this door from outside.

You will also find another clue from the Cult Note which is place next to the door. That says ‘Some sinner’s locked the door. I can’t break into it from this side. I’m gonna go across the water and try and shoot the lock off. It’s one in a million shoot. but I got what it takes.

From that clue, you may have an idea How to enter the locked door.

How to Enter into the Locked Door?

First, you need to equipped yourself a Sniper Rifle. Then proceed to the Irrigation Reservoir, across the bridge you should find a ladder on the left corner of the small building, use it to go to the roof top and you should find a Zipline going across the river. Use that Zipline to reach the small house.

Next to the small house is a Sniper Tower, jump to the tower and from there, you should have a good view to the open window that shows a visual spot to the door locked. You need to hit the door locked in order to Enter.

You’ll know if you have a good shoot when an alarm is activated. You can now go back to the tower and enter the locked door. Make sure to be careful as cult member will look for you.

Prepper’s Treasure Reward

Unlocking this Prepper’s Treasure will earn you the following:

  • 3 x Perk Magazine (Book)
  • Some rounds of ammo
  • 1 x Throwing Knife
  • 2 x Dynamite
  • Around 300 stash of Cash
  • 2 x Bliss Oil.

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