How to get Dog Boomer in Far Cry 5

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There’s a mission in Far Cry 5 that you can get the dog Boomer as part of your team and help you with your battle against the cult. The Dog Boomer is a scout and called The Good Boy, he has special abilities to sneak to places without detecting or aggressively kill an enemy with your command. This awesome dog, can also heal you when you’re down, tag enemies nearby or even fetch weapon after an attack – so this is the most important partner that you need to obtain first when playing Far Cry 5.

Dog Boomer can be obtained in the mission called Man’s Best Friend. This mission is located in the Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, northern part of John’s Region, Holland Valley. You can check the map below for your references.

To get Boomer, you just have to eliminate all the enemies and deliberate the farm. Make sure not to harm Boomer inside the cage. After deliberation, you only need to PET Boomer to finish the Man’s Best Friend mission.

To use Boomer to join to your fight, you just have to press the TAB, to open the menu and go to Roster. Under Specialist, select Boomer and assign to squad slot.

Unfortunately, Boomer is unable to ride or join you in the car. Boomer will just follow you whenever you’re, but he may got killed in crossfire in the road. So make sure to call him only when needed.

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