How to Get Air Support Specialist in Far Cry 5 (Rye & Sons Aviation)

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In Far Cry 5, there’s a specialist that you can get to help you with Air Support. Best for Peggies, in both air and the ground. Eventually, you can get this in the initial side mission of the game. It’s the Rye & Sons Aviation side mission which is in the southern part corner of John’s Region.

To initiate the side mission, just go to Rye & Sons Aviation and you’ll be encountering a bunch of Peggies firing towards Rye and his hangar. You need to help him eliminate all of these Peggies. They will spawn in every corner so be ready to combat them on every side.

After the trouble, he then asks your help him retrieve his beloved plane from the Peggies. This will activate the next side mission.

In your map, a yellow tag will automatically mark. You have to go to this destination to start the mission. Drive to the area and you have to eliminate all again the Peggies. For a tip, you have to destroy the three-alarm so that those Peggies cannot call for reinforcement and avoid confronting more enemies. Once you eliminate them all, go inside the hangar where you’ll find the plane. You need to drive it back to Rye’s Hangar; a tutorial mode side mission will also initiate on this part where you’ll be learning how to drive a plane and bomb enemy positions.

Once, you landed back to Rye’s hangar. Rye is very thankful for giving back his beloved plane, and a bunch of Peggies will be reinforcing the area. You need again to eliminate all of the Peggies. You also need to be extra careful as snipers are on the other side of the roof.

After that and other cut-scenes. You’ll get Rye as Air Support and added to your Specialist.

Bug Glitch Problem:

Couldn’t Start Rye & Sons Side mission

Some of you might have a problem initiating this side mission. Because of some bug instances, like you unintentionally touch the required side mission of Rye & Sons Aviation. Or you progress too much in John’s Region completing the Resistance Points. This is the cause why there is no Peggies or even Rye when you arrived in Rye’s hangars.

Solution: The only solution for this is to start a new game and make sure you get all character first before starting other side mission.

Side Mission does not mark as Complete after completing

This bug appear if you’re in coop and you’ve died during the mission. This will remove the yellow marker in the game and it cause to not marking the side mission as complete when you’re done with the mission.

Solution: Just restart the checkpoint and you’re good to go. Make sure don’t get killed during side mission in coop, so that it will not trigger the glitch.

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