How to Fix Green Screen Flicker in A Way Out Game

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This is probably the first time you’ve launch the A Way Out game and you probably encounter the first glitches of the game that makes your monitor flickers and has a green screen in it. This happen when you reach the main menu. Your mouse cursor is also hidden in the screen and very hard to move around the options.

This error occurs on most NVIDIA GPU card and there are less issue in counterpart AMD. But there are ways how to workaround this issue and make it fix. The workaround is making the window mode of the game to borderless windowed mode and the green screen flicker should go away. You will be having a little bit problem with the mouse cursor because it is hidden, just move around your mouse until you reach Video option and toggle the resolution.

You may also watch our video guide below to fix the problem, please watch it in 1080p 60fps to see the screen flickering.

You may check our step by step guide below for your convenience.

How to Fix Green Screen Flicker in A Way Out Game

  1. Go to Options 
  2. Go to Video Tab
  3. Then at Window Mode, select Borderless Windowed

Done! Your problem should probably fix now and you may play the game with your friend.

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