How to Climb Tower and Destroy Satellite Dishes in Far Cry 5

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If your first time to play Far Cry 5, you probably don’t know the perks abilities of the game where you can earn new abilities to perform certain task. At some point, you’ll encounter a side mission like The Hero’s Journey, where you have to DESTROY the satellite dishes (0/5), this mission requires you to climb a satellite tower and there are no ladder available to climb it. But, there’s an E button saying when you hover the tower that says Grapple.

You can unlock Grapple abilities by going to Perks, press TAB from your keyboard to open the menu and go to PERKS tab. On the third row ASSASSIN, unlock the first abilities GRAPPLE. It cost you one points to unlock this abilities.

Now, you have the grapple tool. Go to the tower and hover the grapple spots and press E to shot the rope. Then use MOUSE LEFT click button to climb and MOUSE RIGHT click to move down.

In the middle of the tower, there should be a ladder going to the next level of tower and you can destroy the dishes using your gun. The last three dishes which is located on the top area is you have to wait for your chopper friend to come up and help you Grapple to chopper and destroy the dishes while riding on it.

Below, you may also watch our video guide as well.

That’s it! Hope this small tips help you finish this side mission of FAR CRY 5.  If you still have difficulty finishing this mission, please don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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