ChronoBlade Character Move List

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The latest action game from nWay, has been officially launch this month – the ChronoBlade. Together with this, you probably looking for the Character move cheat list of the game so that you can do more action and points during your battle.

Below are the complete list of ChronoBlade Character Move List for the 4 character in the game.

Aurok – The fighter of Ragnarok. Aurok is a warrior of immense strength and determination. He uses Knuckles and Claws to destroy his enemies in the most straight-forward manner.

Thera – A powerful spear-woman and magic wielder, Thera commands Water and Air strikes that keep her enemies dazed and at a distance.

Lucas – A talented fighter and gifted inventor, Lucas combines weaponry with his Fire and Air attacks to destroy his enemies with speed and power.

Lophi – Lophi, a Shadow summoner, can control the forces of the darkness and the void. With her partner Knot, Lophi dominates the field with her far-reaching Fire and Earth attacks.

That’s all of the character move list of ChronoBlade. You can check more about the game at there official Twitter and Facebook page.

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