12 Comic Books Map Location Guide in Far Cry 5 (Golden Age Nostalgia)

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When you encounter a young lady named Nadine, she asked you to look for a 12 Comic Books that her dad’s only memories for her. Each of the Comic Books is sold to different people and you’re ask to look for every location in Far Cry 5 to get these Comic Book. Unfortunately, only one of the Comic Book are given by Nadine and the rest is you have to search for it. This will initiate the Golden Age Nostalgia side mission.

The reward you’ll get after completing this side mission is $900 and +200 RP experience.

12 Comic Book Location Guide

1. Boyd Residence, John’s Region (Vietnam Comics)

The first comic book is mark on your map, the comic book is located inside the Boyd Residence house. You can enter the house by breaking the window and jumping right to it, inside the house the Vietnam Comic book is place in bed on one of the room.

2. Vasquez Residence, Faith’s Region (Vietnam Comics)

There are couple of peggies in the area with hostages. Clear the area or directly go inside the house from the door Entrance and the Vietnam Comic book are just place on the brown sofa couch.

3. McNeill Residence, Jacob’s Region (Vietnam Comics)

The third comic book can be found in the Vasquez Residence, a little bit tricky here. To enter the house, you need to destroy one of the window at the back. After that, enter it and find the bathroom, you’ll find the Vietnam Comic book place on the faucet.

4. Jefferson Lookout Tower, Jacob’s Region (Zombie Comics)

Our fourth Comic Book is located at the edge of the west corner of the map. There are couple of peggies roaming these area so be prepare for any disturbance. The Comic Book is located in the Second floor of the watch tower, the Zombie Comic Book is place on the brown table together with the cash and the lamp.

5. Elliot Residence, Jacob’s Region (Zombie Comics)

One of the hardest and trickiest Comic Book to find, the Elliot Residence is block with barrage inside the house that’s an entrance to the second floor and you have to destroy the barrage with a gun or grenade. After that, go to the second floor and jump out of the window and enter to the next window. The Zombie comic book is place on the black table beside the lamp.

6. O’Hara’s Haunted House, Faith’s Region (Zombie Comics)

In O’Hara’s Haunted House, there are two buildings. One of it is the big Haunted House and the white small house. To Enter the White Small house, you need to get the car that is park near the park in the area and position it beside the construction ladder. This way you can reach the top of the construction ladder from your car’s roof. After that, enter the open window and the Zombie Comics are just laying on the bed.

7. Chan Residence, Faith’s Region (Vietnam Comics)

Just Enter Chan Residence house and at the left corner of the house you’ll find the Vietnam Comics just laying on the red bed.

8. Boshaw Manor, Faith’s Region (Mars Comics)

Enter Boshaw’s Manor container house, and look for a bedroom, you’ll find the Mars Comics on the table with the lamp.

9. Camp Cougars, Faith’s Region (Mars Comics)

In the middle of the forest before Raptok Peak, you’ll find a camp called Camp Cougars. The Mars Comic book is place on the ground besides the tent with a yellow loot bagpack.

10. Peaches Taxidermy, Faith’s Region (Zombie Comics)

In Peaches Taxidermy area, there are 3 buildings, the red big store building, garage and old lady house. You need to enter the old lady house the one with Solar panel on the roof. The Zombie Comic is just at the side of the Television.

11. Parker Laboratories, John’s Region (Mars Comics)

You probably get this comics while doing the initial side mission in John’s region. Just enter Dr. Parker’s house and the Mars Comics is place on his table.

12. Bradbury Farm, John’s Region (Mars Comics)

Enter the barn house in Bradbury Farm and inside you’ll find a blue rope that you can jump and climb to the second floor of the barn. Move until you reach the living space and the Mars Comic is just laying on the bed below the American flag.

For references, you can check our video guide below so you can walk-through how to exactly get the comic books.

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