Side-Scrolling Brawler ChronoBlade One-Two Punches into Pre-Registration

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Hot off the success of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, developer nWay just opened pre-registration sign-ups for side-scrolling beat ‘em up game ChronoBlade. Releasing March 2018 on iOS and Android, ChronoBlade is a throwback to classic 2-D fighting games, but modernizes the genre by introducing greater customization options, more in-depth fighting mechanics and console quality 3-D graphics.

ChronoBlade is a side-scrolling, action-RPG brawler with a modernized take on classic 2-D cooperative beat-em-ups set for launch on iOS and Android in March 2018. Featuring explosive arcade-style combat and real-time synchronous player-versus-player action, skill and timing are key ChronoBlade as enemies ferociously dodge, block and counter incoming attacks from the game’s four interdimensional heroes. Although skillful players will be rewarded, ChronoBlade’s smartly designed control-scheme makes the game simple for anyone hop into the action and start building those massive combos.

Players will fight their way through dozens of levels, defeating hordes of fierce enemies and bosses with unique move patterns. Each character can be outfitted with custom equipment for strategic upgrades that can be suited to any play style and match any situation.

ChronoBlade also features a robust PvP mode that takes advantage of nWay’s vast mobile technology experience to provide best-in-class connectivity across mobile and wifi networks. nWay has proven itself as a major player in the mobile industry after it released 2017’s wildly successful Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

ChronoBlade continues nWay’s legacy of cultivating high-end multiplayer mobile games by incorporating truly synchronous Player vs. Player (PvP) battles across major platforms, cellular and wifi networks. Players can take advantage of the game’s four completely unique characters, each with its own deep move lists, by engaging with a vastly customizable equipment system that makes each PvP battle an intense and unpredictable event.

“We’ve worked tirelessly on ChronoBlade to create a fiercely competitive PvP experience that cleverly combines modernized beat ‘em up mechanics with the depth of a true console fighting game,” said Taehoon Kim, CEO at nWay. “Our experience with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars put nWay at the forefront of high-quality mobile gaming and between the massive single player mode and online matchmaking capabilities, ChronoBlade is already feeling like another incredible win for our team!”

In the single-player campaign, players must guide their chosen interdimensional hero through dozens of strange realms within the Multiverse, a vicious reality in which endless versions of Earth exist. Each level requires the careful mastery of timing as every enemy and boss comes equipped with completely unique move patterns. nWay has developed an easy-to-learn control-scheme allowing anyone to utilize the 30 punishing ground and air attacks at each character’s disposal and perform insane chain combos.

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