PUBG Combat Tips for Early Kills in the Game

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is the most popular multiplayer games on this year and many people especially newbies are learning how to play better in the game to have a kills or a chicken dinner. Ofcourse, doing it requires techniques and strategy to kill other players. This tips will show you how to get early kills during the game in either Solo Mode, Duo Mode or Squad Mode.

You probably heard a couple of times that the best way to practice your combat skill is by dropping at the major area like the School, Military Base, Pecado, Hacienda, Pochinki, Mylta Power plant, etc. But there are problems with it specially you drop at a single building like school, where a bunch of people drop on the same building and the lucky guy who get the first weapon has a highest possibility of killing you. At the same time there are input lags where getting guns is very slow to pick up.

The better approach is not dropping directly on the major area. But Instead find a smaller compound that’s within a very short run to the major drop point. For example see the Picture below, Red is for the Major Drop point and Green is for the ideal compound for your initial loot.

Most of the time, Squad or duo will not drop on this smaller compound because the loot is enough for them, so you should be able to get sufficient loot to take a good fight. You also have to loot quickly for a maximum of about 3 minutes.

Now, you have to listen to the gunfire and find the location of these people. You have to move in and run to the fight. Killing a first guy will likely very easy and you don’t need to rush for loot at this moment, as his other squad or other enemies probably hunting you down to engage.

This is the best time to practice your combat skills the same in the final circle solo experience where it takes about 20 minutes of the time to experience this kind of situation.

This approach is the alternate way of dropping in the major area and give you a good fight to the enemies that enhances your confidence, situational awareness, tactics and being under pressure.

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