Metal Gear Survive Staff Leaves Secret Message for Kojima

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It’s been almost three years since Hideo Kojima leaves Konima Production. But his loyal staff in the studio added a secret message for their legendary designer Kojima in the new video game series of Konami, the Metal Gear Survive.

The hidden message begins in one of the cutscenes of the game when you’re picking up character, you are given a list of soldiers names in a clipboard. The order of the name can be spelled out KJP forever, a reference to Kojima Productions. In the last list, you’ll also notice two names with labeled AWOL (It means absent from the post without intent to desert). Which the name Bastard Yota refer to the name of the current director/designer Yota Tsutsumizaki and Cunning Yuji might refer to the Producers Yuji Korekado or might be the Game Designer Yuji Kaine.

The underlined names can be readouts as Vengeful Mosquito, MG, KJP Forever, Bastard Yota (AWOL), Cunning Yuji (AWOL).

According to TheFoodieGeek, it can be interpreted as:

From the Vengeful Mosquito, Metal Gear may be killed in action, but Kojima Productions is Forever. Yota is a bastard, and Yuji is cunning for leaving their post in Kojima’s team without permission (AWOL).

Mr. Kojima has been working with Konami for almost 30 years before their breakup with the studio. In the final year with Konami, Kojima removed his studio’s logo from the recent Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain game and barred him from accepting an award in The Game Awards. It also canceled his new project from the studio, the Silent Hill with Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro. Now, Kojima is working with both Norman and Gullermo for Kojima’s own game Death Standing with its newly independent Kojima Productions.

These cutscene might be patch very soon and we don’t know what will happen to the staff who put this on the game without Konima’s noticing it.

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