How to Output Audio to Multiple Playback Devices in Windows 10

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If you’re recording presentation or streaming video games, you probably looking ways how to output your audio to multiple playback devices. Specially if you’re using separate recording device like Elgato or other purpose.

If you have a Realtek audio powered motherboard, they have built in virtual input called Stereo Mix that you can enable and let you listen to the device and playback through other devices. However, I got problem with StereoMix as it won’t output sounds from my computer to the device.

The solution to this problem is using a third party program called Voice Meeter, it’s a free program and you can instantly use it when installed. This program let you output sound to two hardware out. Like playing your computer sound to your Headset/Speaker and to other devices. In my case, I want to output sounds to my Headset and at the same time I want to output the sound to my recording device (Elgato HD60s). VoiceMeeter will have no problem outputting sounds on both of your devices.

How to use Voice Meeter to Output Audio to Multiplay Playback Devices

1. Download VoiceMeeter at the VB-Audio Software official website. You may choose the Zip package or Exe file.

2. Install the program and (optional) restart your computer.

3. Open the VoiceMeeter app, from here. On the upper Right corner Hardware Out. At the A1, select your first output device (Eg. Headset/Speaker). Then on the A2, your second output device (Eg. Elgato HD60 or other device).

4. Lastly, on your windows volume icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Select the VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter  VAIO) as your playback.

Now, your computer should output on both your headset/speaker and other devices. If you want to output your Microphone to one of the output device, you may do this by going to Recording Devices option on your Windows sound. Right click your Microphone, go to Listen and Check Listen to this device and select the device that you want to playback. Hope this short tips will help you with recording problem.

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  • Georgester October 23, 2020 9:49 pm

    I can only hear out of one ear on “Hardware Out A2” no matter which headphones are plugged in. Any fixes?


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