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Why Did Ubisoft Stop Making Prince of Persia

Why Did Ubisoft Stop Making Prince of Persia

The last franchise of Prince of Persia was the The Sands of Time, after that there are no Prince of Persia game release under ubisoft – instead they release their own IP, the Assassin’s Creed series. People often viewed the Assassin’s Creed as the successor of Prince of Persia Franchise, considering the style of game play and the settings of the game. Now, Assassin’s Creed is one of the best franchise of Ubisoft and it’s going strong.

There are rumors that the reason why Ubisoft Stop Making Prince of Persia is that, Ubi is trying to avoid paying the license for developing Prince of Persia game and rather focus on their own IP, so the merchandising and all stuff will be theirs to keep. This is based from Ubi employee who’s discussing in 4Chan, here is the complete reply:

Forget Prince of Persia. It will never come back. The reason why AC exists at all is because PoP meant Ubi has to pay for license, since they don’t own the IP. AC is Ubi’s own IP, so merchandising and all that **** is theirs to keep. PoP is financially not worth it.

Somehow the rumors could be true as Prince of Persia IP is originally owned by it’s creator Jordan Mechner, and everytime the IP is used by means of merchandising or games. They are required to pay the license or what they call royalty fee’s and it will be a lot of expensive for Ubisoft part.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you wish another Prince of Persia game in the future? Let us know on the comment section below.

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