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Nintendo Switch Online is Now on Welcome Page for Newly Created Account

Nintendo Switch Online is Now on Welcome Page for Newly Created Account

If you create a new Nintendo Switch account, you’ll be welcomed with Nintendo’s latest online subscription information. The Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription-based online service that enables you to play multiplayer nintendo switch games and connect you to other people, some of these online games can be found in Splatoon 2, Arms and other games. For now the subscription are still free until the full launch of Nintendo Switch Online in the coming months.

The Nintendo Switch Online also bundled with classic games with newly added online play. You can now also communicate with your friends over the Nintendo Switch Online app to your phone, it includes voice chat while gaming. Lastly, get special discount offer to Downloadable Nintendo Switch games in eshop.

The pricing is a little bit cheap compare to other consoles. It starts with $3.99 for 30 days subscription, $7.99 for 90 days subscription and 19.99 for 365 days subscriptions.

You can actually try the online-service plans right away once you create a Nintendo Switch account. Here is the full screenshot of the Welcome page.

Are you excited with this new service of Nintendo Switch? or you wish to have it FREE. Let us know your thoughts on the comment section below.

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