Long-Sleeved Leather Shirt Clothing Preview in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

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Currently, the Long-Sleveed Leather Shirt is one of the expensive cloths in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG at around 814 Pesos or 18 USD. You probably looking how it looks like before buying this skins. To help you with this problem, we will show you the preview looks when you wear the Black Long-Sleeved Leather Shirt in pubg. Wearing this shirt also make your character unique to the other players as it is not so popular and very expensive to get.

Here’s also the look for the female version wearing the Black Long-Sleeved Leather Shirt.

This shirt is best pair for pants like Black Baggy Pants, Black Punk Boots, and pair with Punk Knuckle Gloves Black. This set will give your character a rider looking punks.

In the game play, the stitches of the leather really stands out that gives appealing appearance to your character in the game. Though, this will not be visible once you wear armor and bags.

Another screenshot with level 3 armor. The leather sleeve becomes a regular shirt though still good looking.

You may also check the 3D version of the leather sleeves from Sketchfab.

What’s your favorite clothes skin in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Let us know in the comment section below.

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