How to Unlock Perun Level 2 Rare Blade Affinity Chart in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Getting a Rare Blade for Perun’s Level 2 Key Affinity Reward is a little bit challenging as the hint instruction in the game is pretty vague, The Reward condition in Affinity Chart says “Be kind to the townsfolk and do a few small good deeds.”, It is confusing and most of the time you’ll just skip this quest as it’s hard to complete and eventually you will be wasting a lot of time completing this challenge.

The hint actually instruct you to buy some items and you have to give this item to NPC’s in the game. Doing this will act as one of the good deeds. Of course, you have to find these NPC’s in the game and looking for it will take time as well, they’re scattered in different places. But as you progress in the game you probably encounter one of them in your way.

How to Unlock Perun Level 2 Rare Blade Affinity Chart in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The first thing we need to do is we have to buy a Nopon Chess Set or Coral Nopon Chess Set. Then you also need to buy Silver Cylinder or Golden Cylinder.

The first item can be purchase from Amumu of Nopox Hobby Store at Argentum Bazaar. The store is just near the spawn area, you can buy either Nopon Chess Set (504 Gold) or Coral Nopon Chess Set (1,764 Gold).

The next item can be purchase from Rurui of Whiteside Salvaging still at Argentum Bazaar. It’s located just left side ground floor of Nopox Hobby Store. Then buy either Silver Cylinder (1,400 Gold) or Golden Cylinder (7,000 Gold).

Once you completed purchasing the 2 item. Let’s proceed doing some good deeds. The first good deeds is located at Fonsa Myma Gate, Fonsa Myma, Kingdom of Uraya. Fast Travel to this location and once you arrived just go straight to the left corner passing Volty Butchers, until you will find a Door way outside with a touch light in it. And the kid Olivio is just fishing outside. Talk to him and give the Nopon Chess Set.

The next good deeds requires you to finish certain side quest in order for the guy to appear and only appear during evening, he is located at Ayvill Shopping Dist., Roof, Alba Cavanich, Empire of Mor Ardain. You have to change your time to evening and the NPC’s should be located on this map at the far roof of the building. Once he appear, give him the Cylinder.

The last good deeds is by throwing money on the edge of the cliff balcony, you have to go to Milama Viewpoint, Goetuis Port, Indoline Praetorium and on the up there, you’ll see a couple throwing money on the cliff. Then throw gently 500 Gold.

That’s it, your Perun Affinity Chart Level 2 should now be unlock. And the hint will now turn into “If I can improve the lives of others even a little, that is enough for me.”.

If you’re still having problem completing Perun’s Quest, please let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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