How to turn on Nintendo Switch with Joycon Controller Remotely

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If you’re quite lazy turning on your Nintendo Switch directly from its power button. You can actually turn on your Nintendo Switch remotely via Joycon Controller. You probably tried pressing every button on your Joycon controller to turn on your Switch, but that doesn’t work at all. You’ve just some missed some features of its sensor and gesture how to turn it on.

You can turn on your Nintendo Switch by its Joycon sensor the infrared remote that you can find on the bottom parts of your Right Joycon. It’s the shiny black thing underneath. Then, you just have to point the shiny black thing directly to your Switch and press & hold the home button and your switch would turn on now.

How to turn on Nintendo Switch via Joycon Controller Remotely.

1.Just like using a remote control, point your Right Joycon Controller upside down to your Nintendo Switch. Make sure the shiny black is pointing towards the Nintendo Switch system.
2. Press and Hold the Home button.
3. Your Nintendo Switch should now wake up or turn on.

This unique feature is beneficial to people who play switch in Dock mode, especially when the switch is in sleep mode or turn off. Waking up with a JoyCon controller is the best feature that you can do when playing in your couch.

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