How to Remove HUD Player Name on Replay in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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PUBG Corp. just released the 1.0 of the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game with a lots of features. One of the key features of the recent release is the Replay ability, where you can watch the replay of every match you’ve been through and see each action of your team and other enemies near you.

There are no actual key settings or binding how to navigate during the Replay. And somehow you come to the point that you want to remove the HUD on Replay screen like the Player’s Name, kill count and other HUD for taking screenshot of your gameplay or filming purposes.

So, how do you disable or remove the HUD’s on Replay in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

You just have to press the CTRL + U and the HUD should be gone. The problem when the HUD is disabled, you cannot pause the replay and you have to return back to HUD mode to pause.

To return back to the HUD, just press the CTRL + U again.

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