How to Beat Tiger! Tiger! in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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When you meet Tora in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ve been introduce to his artificial blade Poppi and in order to make upgrades to Tora’s artificial blade you have to play one of his mini-games The Tiger! Tiger. This mini-game is so addicting that you’ve want to reach the highest score and it’s quite difficult when played in Normal mode.

Upon your first try, it is normal that you cannot beat the Tiger! Tiger!, this mini-game requires a lot of tries in order for you to familiarize the area and the enemies locations, even though sometimes it’s randomize. To beat the game and get your precious upgrade for Poppi and the Ether Cystals, you have to dive to the bottom then get all resources and you have to reach the top alive.

One of the hardest obstacles are the enemies, they can quickly damage you and sometimes trap your location going down or up, but you can actually beat them through targeting there weak spot. You can use your Hook to hit the monster by pressing the A button. Killing the monster also give you additional scores, so if your target is to get a highest score, killing them actually helps. Here are the list of the weak spot, see the list below.

Tiger! Tiger! Monsters Weak Spot and Scores:

Stage 1 monsters:

  • Shark (80 scores) – You can easily kill this monster with single hook from any sides.
  • Turtle (100 scores) – Weak spot of this monster is on the bottom, a single hook the bottom side of the turtle in order to kill him.
  • Jelly Fish (85 scores) – The weak spot of Jelly Fish is on the top side, a single hook on top kills this monster.
  • Red Shark (120 scores) – This shark is protecting the ultimate chest, the weak spot of this shark is the same as the ordinary shark. Can be hit in any sides, but you have to hit him twice to take him down.
  • Urchin (0 scores)- Unfortunately, there are no weak spot for this type of monster and they can kill you instantly when you touch them.

You also need to collect these collectibles to give you more points and upgrade mods for Poppi. There are also collectible power ups that will give you support when playing the game like make you invincible or some heals. You also have to get the Big Chest in order for you to go up and end the game, going up will also disable your hook.

Collecting all Ether Crystal will also give you additional 777 scores in the end of the game and ending a game without a scratch or 100% life will double your total scores and additional unknown points.


Treasure Chest and Ether Crystal:

  • Ether Crystal – Give you single Ether Crystal per pick and a 100 scores.
  • Chest – Give you random upgrade mods or 100 Ether Crystal.
  • Big Chest – Give you additional random mods or 100 Ether Crystal.

Power Ups:

  • Wreches – Allow you to move diagonal. Randomly located in the game.
  • Health Bottles – Heal a portion of your health. You can get this once you kill some of the monster.
  • Orbs – This orbs will make you invincible and allow you to move to enemies without getting hurt, though it will only last for a couple of seconds. The monsters usually drop these collectible.

The Treasure chest contains random upgrade mods for Poppi and this is very helpful to enhance the skills of your blade. Here are some of the mods that you can get when playing the Tiger! Tiger.

How to Beat Tiger! Tiger! Tips Guide:

If you have enough idea about the weak spot of the monster and the important collectibles you obtain, it will be now easier for you to complete the game.

They key points on beating Tiger! Tiger! are kill the monster to clean your way, go in advanced to the Ether Crystal and Chest and familiarize the map. On Stage 1, beating the last monster Red Shark is also easy, just beat the jelly fish on the right side and go slight inside and hit the Red shark Twice.

Returning to top is also tricky, you have to avoid the remaining monster until you reach the top. Make sure to stick on a single side either on Left or on Right as it is very hard to move up and down, this way it will be easier for you to maneuver your self to avoid the obstacle. Beating the monster will also minimize the obstacle going up. Lastly, save more help as possible.

You can also watch one of our gameplay below, we got a highest score of 75K. If you beat that score, please let us know on the comment section. Enjoy the video!

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