Fast Level Up Farming Spot Location Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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If you’re looking for a fastest way to level up your character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We’ve made a list of farming spot location for certain level where you can actually farm a lot faster and earn more experience that never been before. Fighting enemy you just found in your way to earn levels gives little experience and sometimes these monster takes much time to defeat them because of higher life and defenses.

Advance leveling also gives you a lot of benefits in terms of fighting bosses and monsters, as you can easily pass through each main story without the risk of getting killed. Level Farming also earn you lots of drops especially Core Crystals and a like.

There are certain farming spot location where enemies flocks together and much easier to kill, these are the best location for leveling up your characters. We sorted the cheat list below on different level range.

Level 10 to 20 – Farming Spot Location

You eventually come to this location during the main story when you rescued Nia and Dromarch. These monster you’ll be farming are the Ardainian Soldier’s which is located in Titan Battleship at Gormott Province, most level of these soldiers are level 9 to 12 and each kills will give you 18 to 25 exp.

In Titan Battleship, there are 4 locations where lots of Ardainian Soldiers flocks togethere. You can reach this location easily via Skip Travel and go to Armory or Bridge landmark.

Armory, Titan Battleship, Gormott Province 

In landmark Armory, there are two rooms where you can find these Soldiers – The first one is on the Living Quarters and the other one is on the Olno’s Mess Hall.

Bridge, Titan Battleship, Gormott Province

In the Bridge landmark, you can found the rest of two locations, one instantly on your front when you fast travel at Bridge where there are 5 to 6 soldiers hanging around. And the last location is on the Battle Command where there are much as 15 soldiers you can farm from.

In this level guide, you can get as much as 18 exp to 25 exp each soldiers kills enough for you to level up fast than other locations. The enemies will spawn again after you fast travel, so after beating them all, just do another fast travel and you can redo it again. You may also watch this video.

Here are some of the drops you might get when taking this level:

  • Common Core Crystal
  • Fusion Combo UP I
  • Break Resist I
  • Light Def Up I
  • Red Thread
  • Launch Resist I
  • Physical Defense Up I
  • Auto-Attack Stealth I
  • Rush Hour
  • Friendship Ring
  • Rare Core Crystal
  • Beast Hood
  • Arts Heal I

Level 21 to 30 – Farming Spot Location

Level 31 to 40 – Farming Spot Location

Level 41 to 50 – Farming Spot Location

Level 51 to 60 – Farming Spot Location

Level 61 to 70 – Farming Spot Location

Level 71 to 80 – Farming Spot Location

Level 81 to 90 – Farming Spot Location

Level 91 to 100 – Farming Spot Location

Level 100 to 110 – Farming Spot Location

Those are the farming location you can go, if you want fast leveling up your character in the game. Currently some levels are still not yet complete, as we’re discovering other location for these levels.


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