Adenine’s Data Processing Control Panel Password in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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As you progress in the game, you reach to Adenine’s Affinity final quest – the Limits of Awareness where you will be encountering Vaido Sovereign a level 57 boss monster and it’s two Howl Sentry which is both level 56. After you complete this mission, inside the Data Processing Room. You’ll find a Control Panel that is asking for password and you probably have no idea what is it. On this place, you can also find bunch of Terminal keycode found on this area.

And when you stumble on the Cluster 05, there is this Control Panel that is locked with a password. These password can be get by completing the associated mercenary mission. But if you really want to know what is it. The password is XE36 E46S 19A3.

We suggest you complete the required mercenary mission before entering this password, to avoid missing out some of the important storyline in the game.

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