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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Thermal Repaste Worth it?

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Thermal Repaste Worth it?

Most laptop manufacturer uses some cheap thermal paste in manufacturing laptop and that leads to poor thermal temperature of your laptop when stress testing it. Other people tends to replace this thermal paste with a better one and they see some good result doing it. But in Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro laptop is it worth it replacing the thermal paste?

A YouTube video by explained very well the result of replacing the thermal paste in Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro laptop and it shows some small of improvement from replacing it. You can check his video below:

The original temperature of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro laptop at maximum is 74 degrees and after replacing the new temperature improves to 69 degrees at maximum. Which reduce the laptop temperature to 5 degrees.

Is it worth it? For us is it worth it, a 5 degree temperature drop is a good result but the downside of doing this is it voids your warranty. But if your laptop is out of warranty. Well, go for it!

Are you willing to bargain your laptop warranty for 5 degrees temperature improvements? Let us know your thoughts on the comment section below.

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