The False Oracle Main Quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins

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This main quest of Assassin’s Creed Origins – The False Oracle, is the most heart breaking moments in the game as this quest recap how Beyak witnessed and killed his own son by his hand. This is because of the greed of the priest who’s trying to obtain the power of the Orb of Aten by forcing his son and beyak to speak how to unlock it. This leads to the killing of his son by these greed priest.

In the game, bayek just returned to his homeland siwa and want to get revenge on the powerful priest named Medunamum, one of the priest involved on abducting and killing the son of Beyak. But first of all bayek have to match the strength of the priest and must improve his abilities to perform the mission. The quest also requires you to reach certain level to unlock this quest.

This main question contains lots of cut-scene movies that’s explain the stories of Beyak, It also has 3 different kind of objective to perform to complete the quest. The first one is Find and Kill Medunamun – where you have to find the false oracle inside the Temple of Amun, once you killed him you’ll be going to a flashback memory of Beyak which also includes a new objective like brining the Khemu to the ibex pack, Find and Get the ibex pack leader’s pelt, Reach the temple of Amun with Khemu, Bring Khemu to Halma point and Confront the soldiers.

In the flashback, Beyak also tested his son if he’s ready to be a Medjay but unfortunately an unexpected happen when the priest appear and those tragic things happen to Beyak.

To see the whole story of this main quest, check our YouTube video below and somehow a guide for you on completing this quest.



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