Rules of Survival The Budget PUBG Alternative for PC and Mobile

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A new PUBG alternative was launch in Google Play and Appstore. Surprisingly, it’s also available in PC as well. It’s the Rules of Survival where all of aspect in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are present in the game and some people call it copy cat or a budget version of PUBG.

Of course, the game didn’t copy everything only the game mechanism like Loot, Team, Shrink Circle and a Battle Royale. In fact, It is the first Battle Royale game that has maximum player of 120. They have bunch of new vehicle to ride and weapons to loot.

It also has a mixed on futuristic environment, like when died the player will vanish with a blue glowing lights. The crate of dead player also turns in to a floating winding Blue cubes.

Regarding the Performance, it runs will on my Galaxy S6 Active Phone and it also has a PC version that has stable FPS in low end computers.

For the PC version, you have to play first in mobile in order to register your account, afterwards you can now play in PC version. To download you can go to their Official website at and download the latest version

Regarding the storage need to play this game, it requires a total of 700MB in order to play the game. It has 96.4MB for the base with additional 500MB download when the game is launch.

The game is super fun and it is a must game app for mobile Gamers. Do you like the game? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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