PUBG Gives You 100 Years to Unlock Your Banned Account

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is quite humble for cheaters who keep using hack program to cheat in the game and take advantage of other players. They just give this cheaters a chance to play the game, but not in your lifetime. You will be locked in 875976 hours or equivalent to 100 years before you can play to your Banned Account. The good news is you can still give this account to your great great grand son.

There are lots of cheats popping out in the Internet for PUBG. One example is a speed hacker who make his character run faster in the game and it will be very hard for ordinary gamer to kill this kind of cheaters. Other also use assisted aim or auto aim to shoot other player in an instant.

A player who recently get banned from PUBG shares his screenshot in a gaming community and explains he only use the hack ones and in the morning, he is surprised that his account was banned. Displaying an error message You are banned from games for ‘using hacks/cheats’ (875976 hours left) or other people also gets You have been banned from STEAM when launching the game. To make the cheater annoyed, PUBG even displayed an ads on the bottom of this notice. Cheater just wasted $29.99 game and PUBG earns from that ads. Given the length of the banned, it makes his PUBG account useless.

So if you happen to be one who got the hammer banned of PUBG. Hope this serves a losson – just move on, or you can either create another account then just learn how to play without cheating.

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