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HumbleBundle just release it’s new Software bundle for everyone. And it’s from Magix and Vegas Pro, one of the best software developer for sound and video editing tools. The main highlight of this Bundle is the Vegas Pro 14 Edit. Recently, they release the newer version Vegas Pro 15 and now they selling the older version for a cheap price.

You can get Humble Software Bundle Vegas Pro Discover Creative Freedom at

If you’re undecided of purchasing this bundle because of lack of details of it’s license like how many users, expiration or days access. You can check below the details of each license from this bundle:

All of the Based Program comes with up to 2 device usage and can be use simultaneously. Here are the screenshot from your MAGIX account My product page.

Soundpool: Stranger Synths

This is a voucher code for Stranger Thing sound track, you will be redeeming this code in Music Maker’s MAGIX Store. You need an MAGIX Store account in order to save your license online. Original price for this soundtracks is $19.99. Usage license is via MAGIX Store account and requires Internet connection.

The voucher can be activated anytime, no expiration or deadline.

Commercial use of the sound track is not allowed.

MAGIX Music Maker 80’s Edition, Music Maker Hip Hop Beat Producer

Additional edition for your existing Music Maker, It will activate the Edition and has additional Free soundtrack bonus. You need MAGIX Store account in order to activate the license. Though, activating the serial number is on Music Maker program. Usage license is per account and requires Internet connection.

  • 80’s – Too Hot, original price is $19.99
  • HipHop – Come Bad Boy, original price is $19.99

The serial key can be activated anytime and no expiration.

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe, MAGIX Photostory Deluxe, MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite, MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab, Vegas Pro 14

This license requires you to activate in it’s program and it needs email address for software registration. To ensure, your license is embedded in your account – I suggest to register this license on their website instead.

Key can be activated anytime, no key expiration/deadline.

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe Bonus Content

Voucher code for additional content of MAGIX Photostory, requires your MAGIX Store account to save your license.

Key can be activated anytime, no key expiration/deadline.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, Xara Web Designer Premium

Requires its program to activate the license and an email address. You will also asked to login to register your product.

For above, the key can be activated use anytime and no key expiration.

One of the highlight feature of this program, the Online Content Catalog is a time-based access only or literally 9 to 10 months FREE subscription. After that you have to pay for subscription for Online Content Catalog.

  • Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Online Catalog until October 31, 2018
  • Xara Web Designer Premium Online Catalog until September 30, 2018

If you have other question regarding this bundle, don’t hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment down below.

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  • Asamur December 14, 2017 4:17 pm

    May I ask if I’ll be able to use Vegas on more than one computers and if can be used commercially, like on youtube?

    • Erwin Bantilan December 14, 2017 7:21 pm

      Hi Asamur, you can use up to 2 devices with your Vegas 14 key.. Yes, you’re free to use your Vegas pro output on YouTube. Though, the magix soundpool is not available for commercial use.

      • Asamur December 14, 2017 8:14 pm

        Thank you for help!

  • Matheus December 19, 2017 3:11 am

    If I use the magix products (video, audio, image) for youtube and don’t monetize the video, it would be ok legally?

    • Erwin Bantilan December 19, 2017 4:58 am

      Hi Matheus, as stated on their website – Commercial use also refers to situations where you monetize videos with your songs on Youtube (for example), where money is generated through adverts. Acquiring an Audio Pro license is also necessary for this.


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