How to Fix Dead Trigger 2 Mouse Problem on Facebook Gameroom

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If you’ve found Dead Trigger 2 on Facebook Gameroom and want it to try, you found out that there is a mouse problem when playing the game. When playing the game, the mouse is not working properly and you’re not able to shot the zombie, even looking on other direction doesn’t work. This makes the Dead Trigger 2 useless in Facebook Gameroom. Actually, this is one of the best shooter game now in Facebook Gameroom, where there are lots of stage level and not block with micro transactions.

Using the mouse in Facebook Gameroom is impossible, but there is some solution that will work and able you to enjoy the game using your game keyboards. And by disabling the auto fire function to make the Fire button work as well.

How to Fix Dead Trigger 2 Mouse Problem 

  1. Once you’re in the game, you have to open the Option menu. By pressing P from your keyboard.
  2. In the Controls tab, change the fire control to Manual with ironsight
  3. After that, open Keyboard tab then set Fire to key that you wanted. Our suggestion key is set it to LEFT CONTROL from your keyboard for easy firing.
  4. Next is go to GamePad, from here – we have to set the Look Left, Look Right, Look Up and Look Down with our keyboard’s ARROW KEYS.
  5. If you’re done, you can now press the BACK button and continue to the game.

This setting will make the game playable by using the Keyboard controls instead of a mouse. To look around just press the ARROW KEYS and to fire just Press the LEFT CONTROL.

To guide you better, we prepare a complete video walk-through on how you setup the new controls.

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