Complete List of Loading Hints and Tips in Assassin’s Creed Origins

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When you continue your progress in Assassin’s Creed Origins, a loading hints and tips appear on the bottom right side corner of the screen. Most of the time, these tips are very helpful especially when you’re new in the game. There are also interesting tips that probably you haven’t done yet in the game. You can also browse through this tips by pressing the Q and E button, but sometimes the loading is very fast and reading all the list is impossible. So we compile all of the Loading Tips and Hints to help you read all of them, Here are the complete list of Assassin’s Creed Origins Loading Tips:

Dual Sword Hint

The leaping heavy attack will get you in range to finish your enemies off with lightning fast light attacks. Its Overpower ability charges and knocks an enemy down.

Hunter Bows Hint

The hunter bow is built for power, not speed. While it takes time to fully draw the string, the increased damage and range can be devastating.

Show Me The Money Hint

If you’re short on money, you can sell the old items in your inventory. Alternatively, weapons, animal goods and most items can be dismantled to get crafting materials.

Crouch Hint

Press C to enter or exit crouch navigation. You can use it to hide in high grass key and approach your enemies undetected.

Difficulty Levels Hint

You can change the game difficulty at anytime in the Gameplay section of the Option Menu.

Enemy Auto-Level Hint

You can activate or deactivate this option in the Gameplay section of the Options menu. Enemy Auto-Level automatically scales lower level enemies to your level.

Spear Hint

Its reach allows the wielder to dispatch enemies from a safe distance. Its Overpower ability is a short range strike That will impale an enemy for massive damage

Sickle Sword Hint

Its hooked blade can be used to spin enemies around, allowing you to attack their backs. Its Owerpower ability increases the wielder’s attack speed and damage.

Fire Arrows Hint

You can light your arrow on fire by approaching a fire source.

Ratatat! Hint

The light bow is optimized to let your fingers hold a bunch of arrows, and quickly let them fly sequentially. It’s the submachine gun of two thousand years ago!

Store Hint

Want to enhance your playthrough with cool items? The Store has collection of unique outfits, weapons and mounts for you. Access it through the Pause Menu.

Store Gear Hint

All items purchased in the Store cannot be dismantled. so you never risk to lose them. You can also redeem them again for free in all your playthroughs by visiting the “Owned” tab of the Store.

Hidden Blade Hint

Upgrade your hidden blade to deal more damage and assassinate enemies with a higher level.

Nomad’s Bazaar Hint

Every day, Reda offers a new quest to help someone in need. Succeed before the time runs out and you’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

Hello Buddy Hint

The blue icon shows you Reda the merchant’s position. Look for him to obtain daily quests and unique items.

Quest Log Hint

You can sort your quest log by distance, level, or how recently you accepted the quest.

Benchmark Hint

Before running the game, check out its performance with the Benchmark function. It can be accessed from the Title Screen.

Smile! Hint

Press F3 to take a photo!

Fight Basics Hint

Move Mouse to switch locked target

I See You Hint

Your eagle can tag enemies: in hover mode, aim at them. You will then see them through walls and floors, and feel their presence even when you aren’t looking at them.

Autonomous Vehicles Hint

While on a mount, Hold X to let it take control. It will keep heading towards any marker you’ve placed on the world map while following any roads you come across.

Track Crafting Hint

You can track a crafting recipe in the crafting menu to follow the required materials.

Scepter Hint

With a mix of short rapid jabs and powerful long ranged strikes, the scepter its versatile weapon. Its Overpower ability increased its wielder’s movement and attack speed.

Time Passes So Fast… Hint

Hold M to make time speed forward. The Dawn & Dusk skills allows you to go from night to day or day to night.

Know Where Your Enemies Are Hint

You can tag an enemy with your eagle or by aiming at them with your bow.

Nightmare Mode Hint

Activate the Nightmare difficult mode if you’re up to for a real challenge! That’s it! If we missed something don’t hesitate to comment it down below and will add it on the list.

Preventative Measures

According to Herodotus, Egyptian priests shaved their whole bodies to get rid of lice and other impure things.

Desert Visions

Crossing a desert is a difficult experience, you will be exhausted, thirsty and the sun will burn you so much that you might start hallucinating and see things that don’t exist…

Cleanup Duty

Guards will take care of dead bodies if you don’t. They don’t want them lying around any more than you do.

Watch Out!

Phylakes are after you. Stay far away from them as they are powerful bounty hunters and will attack you on sight.


Holding Spacebar while turning with a War Chariot will let you take turns much easier.

Ancient Skyscrapers

Houses in urban areas such as Memphis were built upward, sometimes up to four stories tall.

Weapon Parameters

Press L in the Gear page to view a detailed description of all weapons parameters.

That’s Not My Style!

If you can’t stand the sight of blood, you can unequip your weapon in your inventory and fight unarmed. Instead of killing, you will just incapacitate your enemies.

Nomad’s Bazaar

If you’re looking for exotic weapons from around the world, Reda is your best chance at scoring something truly unique.


Ever heard of ghosting? Infiltrate a fort, and make sure no one could think that anything other than a ghost passed by. No blood, no sighting, no trace, no nothing.

Chemical Warfare

Poison a corpse, put it on a horse, lean back and let it do the work.

Back-up Plan

Egyptians were so worried about mummified bodies being lost that they would make a miniature beeswax model as a spare.

Combination of Keys

Assign a combination of two keys to any action: go to key mapping, select an action you want to assign a combination, hold first key, then tap the second key.

Celestial Travels

The souls of the dead were thought to fly out during the day and return to the safety of the mummified body by night.

Insurance Policy

Having children was one way of conquering death, as a child would look after their parent’s tomb.

Party Like It’s 49 BCE

Cleopatra would host lavish parties, and guests could expect to be given horses and other expensive gifts.

A Rare Material

Wood was so scarce that when a building was abandoned, all wooden parts such as doors and scaffolding were removed to be reused somewhere else.


According to ancient texts, statues of gods could nod and talk, and even served as judges in courts of law.

Underwater Adventure

The Pharos was lost to time until 1968, when it was rediscovered by a team led by marine archaeologist Honor Frost.

Greatly Founded

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE.

Got Time?

The mummification process lasted anywhere between 40 and 70 days, and would require up to 600 pounds of natron for drying.

Slippery Slopes

Have you tried sliding down the side of a pyramid? What’re you waiting for? Give it a go!

Precious, Precious Rocks

Granite, one of the hardest rocks, was used on occasion. The great pyramids were originally covered with it. Obelisks, weighing hundreds of tons, were carved from it.

Lights, Please

Even a well-rounded Medjay has trouble seeing in the dark. You can always try throwing your torch to see what lies ahead.

A Protestor By Any Other Name

Alexandrians were passionate about their city and would often publicly decry any decision made by the Pharaoh they disagreed with.

Enemy Auto-Level

You can activate or deactivate this option in the Gameplay section of the Options menu. Enemy Auto-Level automatically scales lower level enemies to your level.

A Common Courtesy

Mummies were anointed with perfume in order to render them acceptable to the gods.

You Are So Strong!

But you can be stronger. Master skills can be acquired repeatedly.

Cultured Elite

Alexandria was filled with temples, theaters, museums, and libraries.

Change of Pace

Hatshepsut was Egypt’s first female pharaoh. There were no conquests during her time, instead, Egypt received a fresh helping of delicate art and elegant temples.

Good Senu

Make sure to reward Senu once in a while. She works hard and deserves some praise.

Good Luck!

War elephants are the strongest enemies in the game. Only the best players have a chance to…maybe…defeat them.

Play It Again, Phanos

Phanos the Younger is a huge fan of the Alexandrian Pleiad, a group of poets from 300 BCE.

Nightmare Mode

Activate the Nightmare difficult mode if you’re up for a real challenge!

Plant Protection

Silphium was known for its many medical properties, and was most commonly used as a contraceptive.

Scrollful Life

The Library of Alexandria held somewhere between 40,000 and 400,000 scrolls.

It’s a Wonderful Ancient Life

Egypt was home to two of the seven wonders of the Ancient world: the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

True or False?

Egyptians used kites to lift construction stones and bring them to the top of the pyramids.


Want to enhance your playthrough with cool items? The Store has a collection of unique outfits, weapons and mounts for you. Access it through the Pause Menu.

Wonderful Builders

The lighthouse of Alexandria, otherwise known as the Pharos, was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Final Weighing

Bayek and Aya journey to Siwa on the trail of Flavius and the Oracle’s Relic.

A New Quest Awaits You

Visit Reda (camel symbol) and complete his daily quest to receive an Heka Chest.

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