Assassin’s Creed Origins – Siwa Loot Treasure Location Guide

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If you’re looking for help locating these Loot Treasure in the land of Siwa in Assassin’s Creed Origins. We’re here to help you find it easily with our complete guide walk-through. You may get these treasure at once and avoid enemy engagement or by simply getting it as you progress in the game.

In the first map of Assassin’s Creed Origins – Siwa, there are total of 8 Loot treasure in the are separated in 5 different locations.

Home – Loot Treasure (1/1)

Our first Loot treasure can be found on the enemies camp near Bayek’s Home. It is hidden inside of the one of the tent in the camp.

Lysandro’s Oracle Offerings – Loot Treasure (3/3)

The second Loot treasure location can be found on the Lake of Siwa. Get ready to dive in as these 3 treasure is sunken on the bottom of the lake. It is located inside the old building under water.

Temple of Amun – Loot Treasure (3/3)

Our third Loot treasure location is quite hard as this is located inside the temple of amun. You can find it on the 3 different building inside the temple, the first one can easily accessible by climbing the tower and jump to the hole at the center – you can get it at the altar,  the remaining treasure can be found on the 2 regular building.

Coral Escarpment Camp (1/1)

The fourth Loot treasure is included in another side mission, it is located on the roof of the building where there is bow and arrow refill’s inside the Coral Escarpment Camp.

Halma Point – Loot Treasure (1/1)

The last Loot treasure location is quite hard as this is guarded with three high level bandits, and you can easily be killed by one hit. The best thing to do is create a distraction and make an entry inside the cave and quickly loot the treasure. Avoid getting engage as it is very difficult and impossible to kill the enemies.

For the complete walk-through of the Loot treasure in Siwa, check our Youtube video below:


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