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Foorara is young version of brothersisterpon a family of Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. As you progress your game, you’ll eventually encounter these cute Nopons and everytime you talk to them, they’ll give you another clue for the next destination. Usually the destination is a tricky one and hard to figure out which is unavoidable to miss.

There is a total of 10 Foorara that you can find in the game and once you complete this quest, you’ll be rewarded with the following items:

  • 1 x Blade Combo Boost IV
  • 1 x Endurance IV
  • 1 x Resurrection Symbol

To help you succeed getting all of the Foorara. We listed here the complete location where you can find all of the Foorara:

Foorara 1 – Central Exchange, Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild
To easily go to this destination, use Fast Travel and select Central Exchange. In the Central Exchange, go to your right near the Shroomblade Smithing and you’ll find a stair go to the 3rd floor of the building and you’ll find an balcony. Go outside and you’ll find Gegebi near him is where you can find Foorara just hanging around below in the steal beam.

Here is the transcript of Foorara, “Friend very unusual to come all way out here and talk to Foorara. Foorara was not trying to do anything dangerous, especially. When Nopon born in Voltis Trade Guild become five years old, must go out alone for initiation called Walky-Walky. First stop on journet is Goldmouth. Foorara must have a look at work of fellow Nopon at Argentum Trade Guild. So Foorara was studying very closely activities of salvagers at unfamiliar guild. But thought of that amount of hard work make Foorara not want to become grown up.

Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, when Walky-Walky Nopon become sad, time to move on. Next go to place with wonderful view, get fresh feeling and forget sad things! Maybe Foorara destined to meet friend again. Best of luck!”

Foorara 2 – Torigoth Arch, Torigoth, Gormott Province
Our next foorara is located at the tower. To easily reach this Nopon, you’ll have to climb the first tower. After fast travel, on your front you’ll see a tower in the right corner near the Notice Board. Climb on it, there’s a ladder on the side. When you reach the top, there are couple of NPC’s one of them is Rahim, turn back fronting the ladder, you’ll see a roof of another building, jump on it and reach the tower on the center the bigger one with a cone shape and orange color (Top of Tilly Bakery). Find the ladder at the back of this tower and on the top you’ll find the Foorara.

Here is the transcript, “View from here is very grand! Foorara not see such wonderful view before in all life! Foorara know what friends thinking. Life of Foorara not very long yet. But that beside point. Watching people of Garmott from here, Foorara think they generally too calm and relax for their own good. That because Gormott people born in lovely land of plenty of food and nature and not much problems. There was war at one point, but that no change basic nature of people much. Foorara know what friends thinking. Nopon who only alive for five years should not make judgment about life. Anyway, Foorara feeling hungry now. Want to gorge self on mushroom.

Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, no good try to do anything while tum-tum is empty. So gorging self on mushrooms is correct goal of Walky-Walky! Anyway, maybe we meet again. Best of luck!”

Foorora 3 – Mercenary HQ, Garfont Village, Kingdom of Uraya

After fast travel, face to the right and behind the big tent near Remmiq, you’ll find a Obstructive roots. You have to destroy it in order to enter the cave. Inside this cave, you’ll find Foorara on spot.

Here is his transcript, “Foorara eat too much! But this place like Elysium. Foorara want to stay here forever, snug and warm and eating mushroom. Why friends fix Foorara with cold gaze?

Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, even if want to settle down, Walky-Walky Nopon must press on. So while sad to leave, Foorara must go. Next destination can only be Fonsa Myma, capital of Uraya. Anyway, maybe we meet again. Best of luck!”

Foorara 4 – Mymoma Playhouse, Fonsa Myma, Kingdom of Uraya

Fast travel to this destination, when you arrived – behind your back you’ll find a stair, get to the stair until you reach the next floor. On the right side before the next ladder, there is another big building, jump to the roof and you’ll find Foorara one of the tower. (The building is front of Malbren Salvaging and Briarley Trading.)

Transcript, “Hello friends! Foorara was reflecting on bitterness of existence. People of Uraya and Mor Ardain seems to like doing wars. Nopon not do wars really, but world of merchants fraught with competition. Peace means no winners or losers, but life always have winners, so people must trying to not lose. Life very cruel.

Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, conflict is source of opportunity. Foorara brought many Fusty Fungus, so maybe try selling to Uraya army to get moneys for travel. Anyway, maybe we meet again. Best of luck!”

Foorara 5 – Hardhaigh Gate, Hardhaigh Palace, Empire of Mor Ardain

Fast travel to this destination, once you arrived just go straight until you reach outside the building near the ship. There’s two soldiers doing push up on the left corner. You can find Foorara behind the big pillar, just side of the soldiers.

Transcript, “Meh-meh-meh?! Foorara knew friends would find Foorara! Foorara wanted to meet nice Emperor, so went into throne room with no permission, but got chased by soldiers! Foorara OK now though! Had enough of being chased though. Foorara want to go back to Uraya cave and snuggle up eating mushrooms.

But Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, Walky-Walky Nopon must not go to same place twice! Is sad, but Foorara have to look for different cave to snuggle up instead. Anyway, maybe we meet again. Best of luck!”

Foorara 6 – Fount of Holy Light, Goetuis Port, Indoline Praetorium

Fast travel to this destination, on the right corner – you’ll find a Cracked wall, destroy this wall to enter and you’ll find Foorara inside.

Foorara 7 – Anangham #2 Dock, Lower Level, Empire of Mor Ardain

Fast travel to Anangham #2 dock, and just the right corner you’ll find the Forrara, infront of Aki and Salman.

Foorara 8 – Theosoir Main Gate, Theosoir, Kingdom of Tantal

After fast travel, you’ll be located on the roof. On you front, jump until you reach the grounds, then at the back of the oval pool near Naphthea, you’ll find an exit go to it, until you’ll find the balcony and it’s where Foorara hanging around.

Foorara 9 – Fonsett Arch, Fonsett Island, Leftherian Archipelago

Use fast travel and when you reach the destination, get to the stair on your right then go straight until you’ll find Kulakula, then turn right until you’ll see a forest. Now find the Big Old Man Caskel’s Tree and just around it you can find the Foorara.

Foorara 10 – Goldmouth Flight Deck, Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild

Our last location is on the Argentum Trade Guild Deck, fast travel to this destination and just go straight until you find the Foorara.

That’s all. Hope this guide help you complete the Foorara quest. If you still have trouble completing this challenge, please let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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