12 Brothersisterpon Quest Locations Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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The Twelve Brothersisterpon is one of the trickiest to find in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Because this cute nopon is hiding in 12 different place in the game and usually not visible in the map. The nopon has different name and color but the same species. They can be found on the peak of the mountain, shipyard, caves and etc.

The Brothersisterspon is a popularest drinks place of Argentum! Famous for tasty-tasty Twinkle juice. There are 12 brotherpon and sisterpon siblings who run drinks in different places. All of them are split up across the world to search for ingredients to make a shiny new juice.

To help you complete the Twelve Brothersisterpon Quest. Here are the list of location where you can find them:

Kawawa – Torigoth Arch, Gormott Province
You can fast travel to Torigoth Arch and backtrack three seconds until you reach a ledge run to the left edge or cliff of it until you see a Collection point, after a few walk – you’ll see the brotherspon standing at the bottom of the cliff. Jump to his location and Talk to him.

Monono – Starboard Balcony, Titan Battleship, Gormott Province
Fast travel to Starboard Balcony, look to the right until you will see a helicopter, he is in the corner of the balcony near the helicopter.

Tanini – Crown of Sanctuary, Stomach, Kingdom of Uraya
After fast travelling to Crown of Sanctuary, turn back and you’ll see some corals he is just hiding behind it.

Yamama – Ruined Laborers’ Bridge, Upper Level, Empire of Mor Ardain
Once you got it the Ruined Laborer’s Bridge from fast travel, at your back you’ll see a door and a stairs, go to the stairs until you reach the ground level. The Nopon is just standing in the center of the grounds.

Temimi – Ether Refinery Corridor, Old Factory, Empire of Mor Ardain
Fast Travel to the location – when arrived, turn left and head straight until you crosses some bridges and reach the end – you’ll find a closed door. The Nopon are inside the room.

Simama – Rigitte Harbor, Rigitte Waters, Leftherian Archipelago
Use fast travel, when you reach the destination. Climb to the stairs until you reach the top, on the left corner you’ll find a snowy narrow cliff. The Nopon are just in the edge of the cliff.

Nonono – Lost Capital Judicium, Ruins of Judicium, Temperantia
Fast travel, then in the destination the Nopon is just front of you a couple of distance.

Lulili – Great Pillar Passage, Lower Level, Kingdom of Tantal
Travel to this destination using Fast Travel, when you’re here – There are 2 separate buildings (Left and Right), go to the roof top of Left building until you’ll reach the first bridge (Usually a monster is sleeping on the side), Nopon is just in the bottom of the next tower in front of you.

Nunana – Wonder Spring Plaza Ruins, Mid Level, Spirit Crucible Elpys
Fast Travel, in front of you there’s a snowy bridge on just the right of your screen, head to it and enter the cave. Just go straight until you see the Nopon on the end (There is another hole in the cave, do not enter to it – Nopon is on the left side corder hanging around).

Neyaya – Balquors Ruines, Upper Level, Cliff of Morytha
After Fast Travel, in front of you – there is a big hole underground. Jump to it and the Nopon is just hiding at the back. This nopon needs some requirement before claiming the drinks, you have to collect the Collection point that can be found on the upper grounds, outside the ruines.

Mitutu – Central Exchange, Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild
Fast Travel to this location, when arrived he is just on the right corner of the first stall.

Motata – Central Exchange, Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild
He is just beside Mitutu.

That’s the 12 location of the Twelve Brothersisterpon. If you still have hard time looking for the Nopon, don’t hesitate to comment down below and we can assist you.

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