Sky Force Reloaded for PC and Android Game Review

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This new shoot ’em up game is the game that you’re looking for! If you love sonic wing game and you’re 90’s kid like me, this new side-scrolling arcade game will blow your mind and you will feel nostalgic. Comes with very detailed 3D graphics design, wonderful explosion and it’s attack pattern from enemy bosses.

The game is currently available now in Android & iOS. This is not the typical FREE app you downloaded from store with bunch of ads popping around. This is a full fledged arcade game with fewer annoying ads and really gives the player the sense of an arcade games. It’s a well balanced game with full of content and doesn’t blocked with premium currency, the game is really made for fun!

When you about the play the game, you will be equipped with a main cannon where it simply fire a straight shot to the enemies. In the first level, you will be fighting low level planes that can be blow in a single shot and tanks. There are also civilians that you need to be rescued for you to earn points and certain achievements. The bosses really a massive enemies where it fires a pattern attack that you have to avoid. And similar to old-school scrolling game, there is a pattern formula for it where you can avoid shots easily.

At the end of the round, you’re required to achieve certain achievement likes destroying 70% or 100% of the enemies, rescued all the people or remain untouched until the end of the round.

The in-game stars and weapon upgrade didn’t really add additional missiles or cannon real-time, you have to fully upgrade your weapons in the shops to do it which is quite challenging and addicting to unlock. Though, we love to see the typical real-time weapon upgrade.

Overall, the game is really addicting and I reach stage 4 just to unlocked achievement and purchase upgrade for my plane.

The full version is also available in PC on Steam and will be released in December 1, 2017.

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