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My Shopping Box Review Shipping MacBook Pro from US to the Philippines

My Shopping Box Review Shipping MacBook Pro from US to the Philippines

Shopping online has never been easy especially you’re shipping an item from abroad into the Philippines. I discovered this My Shopping Box (MSB) when my co-team in a project introduce this to me. It is a freight forwarder and shipping service that gives you personalized address in the US. This address can be used as a shipping address when you purchase an item online either from eBay, Amazon, Newegg and other online stores. Some online shop doesn’t shipped item in the Philippines, only in the United States and this shipping service is the right solution for it. You can also use this service to receive your gifts from your friends and families.

My Shopping Box is now FREE

The good thing about MyShoppingBox, their subscription is now for FREE – meaning you don’t need to pay any more for a subscription and what you only need to do is to Register and get your personalized US address. Before, you have to pay $25 for a one year subscription to get a US address from them.

You can register to MyShoppingBox at

Cost and Types of Shipment

They have two types of shipment via Air and via Sea. In my experience, the Air shipment takes about 10 to 15 days for your item to arrive in the Philippines – that’s when your item came in their warehouse. While in Sea shipment it takes about 45 to 75 days to arrive to your doorstep. For item with lithium-ion, this item is prohibited in AIR shipment, and the only way to ship this item is via SEA.

For the cost, Air shipment has 2 classes one for the non-electronics product which is $5.99 per lbs, and the other class is for electronic product which is $8.50 per pounds. In Sea shipment, it only cost around $2.99 per lbs for any item. Note, the cost may also vary in package sizes or weights – they charge based on whichever is greater.

To give you an insight of how their charges work, here are some of the charging cost for specific items based from my experience:

  • Macbook Pro laptop – $17.97 up to $38.87 for SEA only
  • Big Graphics card – $59.90 for AIR and $29.90 for SEA
  • Big Motherboard – $51.00 for AIR and $17.94 for SEA
  • Mobile phones – $2.99 for SEA only
  • Processor – $11.98 for AIR and $5.98 for SEA
  • PS4 and XBOX game controllers – $5.99 for AIR and $2.99 for SEA
  • SSD storage – $5.99 for AIR and $2.99 for SEA
  • Hard Drive storage –$17.00 for AIR and $5.98 for SEA
  • Game disk for PS4, PC, and etc – $5.99 for AIR and $2.99 for SEA
  • USB flash drives – $5.99 for AIR and $2.99 for SEA
  • Desktop RAM kit – $5.99 for AIR and $2.99 for SEA

I also use their service to ship one of my HUGE package the 22inch Cintiq Wacom tablet in which they charge around $281.53 for AIR and $139.69 for SEA. The weight of this package is around 46 lbs.

My Exciting Experience for Shipping a MacBook Pro

Buying MacBook pro in the US especially on eBay and Amazon is quite cheaper than buying here, or in Apple Store, you can save around 20% to 30%. And since I am already using MyShoppingBox and has trust on them, I am decided to purchase on eBay instead of buying here in the Philippines. The downside on shipping laptops in MyShoppingBox is your item will only be shipped via SEA, and you have to wait for an average of 60 days to get your item.

So fast forward, I bought a MacBook from eBay – If you want to know where I am buying Apple product, you can check 6ave in eBay. The date that I purchased my laptop is September 7, 2017, and the seller dispatched my item for delivery is night after I buy. Here is the tracking history of my item going through from New Jersey to California (MSB Warehouse):

So it takes about 7 days before my item arrived in My Shopping Box warehouse. Once the item arrived in MyShoppingBox, it will take another 1 to 2 days for it to get listed in your MyShoppingBox dashboard. Once it’s registered, you can now pay the shipping fee for the Item. Since it’s an SEA shipment, I pay lower fee at around $2.99 per lbs and a total amount of $38.87 the chargeable weight is 13 lbs. To pay the shipping fee, you can use your Debit/Credit card.

Tracking My Shopping Box shipment from the United States into the Philippines is quite limited, and you can only track it in 2 types of status. In Transit or Delivered. So, the best thing to do is trust MyShoppingBox and wait for your item to arrive in Manila or to your doorstep.

At exactly 60 days after I pay for the shipment from My Shopping Box, I contacted their customer support for follow up, and status of my item and they usually reply you immediately (1 to 2 days) and when they reply – they will usually give you the AIR21 tracking number. Tracking in AIR21 is not real time and it will take 4 days for the status of your package to appear in their online tracking system, so the best thing to do is to call their local landline number if you want to follow it up.

The next day (Day 61), I finally received my MacBook Pro 15 inch at no damage even the boxes. As expected my package just arrived on time.

To summarize, the time you bought your item online will take you about 60 to 70 days to received your item. Note, this is for SEA shipment only.

About AIR shipment

Fewer worries in AIR shipment, since this is the fastest. In my experience, AIR shipment usually takes about 10 to 15 days for your item to arrive in the Philippines, including Manila to Provinces. If you include the time seller shipped the item to MSB warehouse, just add 3 to 7 days to it.

Handling of Package and Condition

Handling of the package is exceptional, every item that they shipped are all in excellent condition and in a good shape including outside of the box, no sign of dents or anything. Yes, they open your package for inspection, but they do not tear or open the actual box of your item, meaning your item are still sealed and in tack.


My Shopping Box is the most trusted freight forwarder that you can find online; they have customer support that you can reach anytime to kill your worries. One of the thing that I’d like most is they don’t require you to pay additional Insurance fee.

Regarding Sales tax, some states in United States charge for a sales tax and since MSB warehouse is in California and covered with this fee. Some online stores especially Amazon and Newegg adds about 3% to 5% sales tax on it. For a tip: Most sellers in eBay don’t charge for it 😉

Hope this review of mine will help you decide or eliminate your worries on using MyShoppingBox for your online shopping. Register here

We’re excited to see more feature from My Shopping Box this coming 2018.


Low cost shipment from US to Philippines.

Ideal for small, regular and medium size package

FREE subscription for everyone.

Still accept package with Lithium ion for shipment.

Insurance fee is not required.

Quick Email support, response in 1 to 2 days.

They will send you AIR21 tracking number for Manila to province shipment when you asked it.


SEA shipment for packages with Lithium ion.

No discount or lesser fee for HUGE item.

Some stores adds additional Sales Tax because their warehouse is in California.

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