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L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Lip Syncing Problem

L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Lip Syncing Problem

The biggest and newest game on Nintendo Switch the L.A. Noire just release on this platform and it takes a lot of memory in order to install if you have the digital copy of the game. Though, physical copy also require you to download almost 6GB of additional updates.

The game is pretty smooth when playing especially in a handled device like switch, but there is problem with the game when it goes to a flashback cutscene, it has a lip syncing problem where the voice of the character is delay from their actions its like 1 seconds delay. This problem only happen a few times and only in flashback, but the rest of the game is pretty good.

How to fix Lip syncing? We don’t have a solution for now, but will update when we have.

Hope Rockstar will put an update to fixed this issue. If you have solution on fixing this lip syncing problem, please don’t hesitate to share your technique below the comment section.

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