Hungry Dragon by Ubisoft Now Available in Google Play

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If you’ve been playing Hungry Shark, you will probably like the newest game series of Ubisoft – the Hungry Dragon, where you will not controlling sharks anymore but a bunch of dragons. Same as Hungry Shark, you will take control of a dragon and survive by eating everything that crosses in your path.

The game is currently available in the Philippines and probably soon it will be available in other countries. You can now download the game at Google Play Store. The game is much similar to the Hungry Shark series, a platformer game in a 3D world with a medieval cartoon like characters and environment.

Your main objective is to survive the game by eating smaller creatures, you have to level up in order for your dragon to eat bigger creatures and earn more points. There will be also massive bosses that you can defeat. Of course the main objective of the game is to get as much as higher score as possible. You’ll die when your dragon get hungry until it starves, other creatures can also attacked you in air.

When died, you have an option to continue the game – either by watching in-game ads or by using a gems. Gem can also be get by purchasing it.

There are 8 different dragon that you can unlock, you can get this dragon by purchasing them with gems.

  • Nibbler (free) – Small and mischievous with a nasty bite.
  • Mad Snax (60 gem) – An aggressive reptile with an appetite for chaos.
  • Sparks (100 gem) – Speedy serpent who loves to play with food.
  • Don Dragon (150 gem) – The dragon Godfather.. an offer you can’t refuse!
  • Jekylle & Fried (200 gem) – Sneaky mastermind and his brained twin.. a dangerous duo.
  • Zhe Long (400 gem) – Wise and swift, master of the old Dragon ways.
  • Blaze (550 gem) – Reckless, brave and ferocious.. a natural leader.

You can also equip your dragon with pets and costumes. Pets will follow you and help you during your game, it can be obtained by opening an Eggs. The costumes will give your dragon different looks and additional bonus power.

Watch our gameplay below.

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