How to Use PayMaya in Steam Wallet to Buy Digital Games

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Buying digital games in Steam is a little bit hard if you’re new to online shopping, or either you’re a teenager, a fresh grad, or even don’t have any valid debit/credit card or a PayPal account. The easiest way to get an approved MasterCard is using a PayMaya app. It is an online payment portal where you will be able to secure a Virtual MasterCard or Physical VISA Card for online shopping. Using Paymaya don’t require you to submit lots of documents to get approved, you only need a photo of your ID and you’re good to go. It has a limit of a 50k monthly transaction for a new account.

Using the PayMaya on buying digital games is also very simple. You’ll just need to download the app, sign up and voila you’ll have your Virtual MasterCard Card. Once you have your Virtual Card, you can now use it to purchase online on Steam buying games, on Lazada buying local products, or even on eBay or Amazon.

To guide you well, will give you a step by step instruction on how to use your PayMaya in Steam.

Download PayMaya and Get your Virtual MasterCard

  1. Download PayMaya app in Google Playstore and Apple Store.
  2. Register for a new Account using your Phone number.
  3. Go to View Card to get your Virtual MasterCard.
  4. Fill up the form with your Permanent Address information.
  5. After that, you will be received the information of your Virtual MasterCard (Card number, Valid date, and CVV). This information is needed to purchase online, like just using a bank Debit and Credit card.
  6. Now, you already have a Virtual MasterCard. What you need to do now is load up your PayMaya account with money. To do this, go to Add Money and check for payment options that is available to you.

Buying Games on Steam

  1. To buy games on Steam, go to
  2. Select the games that you’d like and Add to Cart. Once done, go to CART or Checkout
  3. In the Check Out page or Your Shopping Cart page, select either Purchase for myself or Purchase as a gift.
  4. Now, In the payment method select MasterCard.
  5. Fill up the form with the Virtual MasterCard information provided by PayMaya.
  6. Now, press the Purchase button.
  7. Congrats! You can now install the game you purchase from your Steam account. You will also receive a text notification from your phone regarding this transaction.

If you want a Physical Card for PayMaya, you can request it also in the app. For the Physical Card, they will send you a VISA card, not a MasterCard. You may also want to upgrade your account to increase your monthly limit to 100k by having an Interview with them or sending them a Customer Information Card for AMLA purposes.

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