What is Screen Scale in PUBG 70, 100 vs 120

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In PlayerUnknown’s Battleground there’s an additional tweak settings called Screen Scale, some of you maybe curious what is the purpose of this – thus this increase the visibility of a far object? Improvement in graphics? or just nothing?

Well, the exact definition of Screen Scale is it resize the scale resolution of a game by percentage (70 to 120) without really changing your Monitor’s Screen Resolution. The main benefit of this in game is – it will make your game more crisp, look crystal clear for higher scale or either improve speed performance for lower scale. Think of watching a 1080p YouTube videos in a 1080p monitor and compare it with a 2K resolution YouTube video, the 1080p tend to look blurry than 2K. And watching a 480p in 1080p full screen will probably give you a blurry image.

In PUBG, this settings will give less impact in the game. Unless, you set it at very low in 70 percent which really downgrade the graphics and resolution, but it will give you better speed performance for your GPU. While setting the screen scale from 100 to 120 will give less improvement as well, and if you’re using low-end GPU this reduce speed performance. We take a screenshot for you to compare the difference of 70, 100 and 120.

Here is the screenshot for the 70 screen scale.

Here is for 100 screen scale.

And lastly, for 120 screen scale.

For 1080p monitors, the equivalent game resolution of 120 screen scale is 1296 x 1440 and for 70 it’s 756 x 840.

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  • Oleksandr May 6, 2018 9:45 pm

    For 1080p monitors, the equivalent game resolution of 120 screen scale is 2376 x 1296 and for 70 it’s 1344 x 756


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