PUBG’s New Update includes Overtime Increase Damage on Blue Circle

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PUBG players! This may be a good news or bad news for you. The new update coming next month will include an exponential increase damage to the blue circle, that will prevent camping players in the blue zone.

One of the unique game-play characteristic of PUBG is it’s blue zone where it shrinks over time and slowly damage player outside the safe zone, to encourage player fight inside the safe zone, until one team left in the game and get the chicken dinner. But some players usually have some tactics on this, especially campers where they stock up healing and energy drinks to stay alive outside the safe zone and shot other player in the safe zone. This update ultimately reduce those campers and backstabbers because the damage increases exponentially.

According to the PUBG’s blog. They received a lot of feedback on improving the blue zone and here are some of their statement.

We have decided to adjust the blue zone damage to encourage engagement inside of the play zone. From this new update, you will be able to focus more on the immediate, close-ranged skirmishes inside the play zone, instead of dealing with enemies outside of the play zone during the mid to late phases of the game.

The update will appear initially on the test server and after three days of extensive testing it will be available to the public. The update also features their new vaulting and climbing system and the much anticipated desert map.

Are you happy with this new update? Share us your thoughts and leave a comment down below.

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