My Shopping Box New Mobile App for Android and iOS

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Online shoppers! My Shopping Box just launch it’s new mobile app for both Android and iOS, this easy tracking of your package and easy payment for your shipment.

Fresh from their email, here their official announcement:

My Shopping Box is bringing you some fantastic news!

Today, We are launching our official application on both Android and iOS platforms, to bring the My Shopping Box experience closer than ever and straight to your fingertips.

We believe in making shopping easier, so from hereon out, we will no longer be charging our users a subscription fee.

We want you to shop when you want, how you want, with zero hassle.

Download the application and join us for free!

You heard it! My Shopping Box is also now a FREE service, you will no longer oblige to pay its subscription fee. It will be free for everyone! It means you will have an instant US delivery address once you register.

You may download the My Shopping Box app in iOS at Apple App Store and in android at Google PlayStore.

What is My Shopping Box? It’s a freight forwarder service where you can obtain your own Shipping address to the United States and use it to purchase item in eBay, Amazon and other region locked store.

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