How to Crouch Jump in PUBG for September Patch v2.6.30

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In the recent update in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the ability to jump in the window was fixed in the patch that disabled the binding of Jump + Crouch in Battleground settings. This make other player cannot get away inside the building with no doors. But there is a new way to bypass this restriction, this is by using the CTRL key while jumping.

To do this, follow our step by step instruction below.

How to Crouch Jump in PUBG

  1. Open the Settings inside the PUBG game. You can find this on the upper right corner of the screen with a Gear icon.
  2. Then browse click the Control tab.
  3. Now, Scroll down to the bottom. Under the Common, find the Jump then left-click the 2nd column. Now in your keyboard hold Shift, then press Spacebar. The column should show Shift + Space Bar
  4. In the Crouch, hold Ctrl, then press Spacebar. It should show Ctrl + Space Bar.
  5. After doing that, try playing a game and find a house. Then Try holding CTRL + Shift then Spacebar.

Note, you have to move forward towards the window in order to successfully jump in the window. Also, breaking the glass is needed to go through.

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